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MOJ May 26, 2014

Hello! I haven't heard from you in quite some time. How are you these days? Are you enjoying the summer?

MOJ Feb 1, 2014

@OmairJavaid3I sent you a request. I am still new to twitter so not many tweets as of yet but getting there

MOJ Feb 1, 2014

Haha thank you. Yes I do know myanimelist. Don't have an account on it but I could try if it was more active. I'll see if I can come up with better blogs before I make a wordpress account. Again, if you have such accounts, feel free to send me the links. I love reading fun blogs or other peices of writing. Do you have a myanimelist account?

MOJ Jan 29, 2014

Thanks. My blogs are a bit old and need updating. Actually a lot of my stuff needs updating. The problem is because of spammers on the blogs section here, not many real people actual read blogs so I don't get much exposure.Name is Omair Javaid. May I have the pleasure of knowing your name (Of course, if you don't mind)? I only lived in Pakistan for about 2 years so not really connected to the culture there. I am really into its politics and business side of Pakistan but not too much a fan of the old traditions/new modern culture. 

MOJ Jan 24, 2014

Oh I see. Yeah your pictures are interesting. Where do you usually find them from? My blog is on this site. Just click the "Blog" tab above the About Me section and it will show you a list of my blogs. Most of them are anime related so I am not sure if you would like them or not. Other than that I don't have other links to blogs. I do have accounts on other social sites like facebook and twitter (though I don't use it nearly as much as facebook) so I could send you those if you want. Have some Notes and opinion articles posted there too but they generally have to do with religion and politics. University is quite brutal. I am struggling a lot because of the workload. Made a few mistakes in the past and am now suffering because of it. Anyhow, enough with the depression haha. Tell me a bit about yourself, which program are you in? When did you move to Canada? Ever live in Pakistan?