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Lolo Nov 8, 2007

I love Nodame Cantabile!!!! and I LOVE DRINKING! Its a pleasure to meet ya - the marvelous captain lolo

sothis Nov 6, 2007

Hey baley! I'll be in Rome and Venice for about 1 week each, this upcoming March. :D Going on a trip with my dad. If you want to do something in Venice, let me know!! We'd love to go to out of the way hangouts or cool bars and such while we are there (my dad is my dad, but he's also awesome and loves drinking and such)

Arcanum Oct 9, 2007

Since Italy is such a footballing nation, I'm curious - what team in the Serie A do people from around Venice cheer for?

sothis Oct 4, 2007

Man I'm super jealous you are near Venice... I was considering going back to Italy again next year, and Venice would be on the list -- if so, we should meet up and have coffee :p

Arcanum Oct 3, 2007

Thanks for your comment!

I kinda got the feeling that the Planetes manga was different than the anime, but I guess I never really followed through with investigating my suspicions. Still, all in all, it was quite a well-produced anime, certainly a step above in terms of attention to detail, don't you think?

Half Greek, half Italian, huh? :P Must be a huge family reunion! I know an Italian woman who's married to a Greek guy...that wedding was quite something...