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Hi, my name is Diana, but in the anime world everyone knows me as Nene.

I'm one of those people always bumping into things and sitting without watching (once I even sat on a razor and cut my butt), that's because I daydream a lot, my friends say they can't get bored with me around. I'm optimistic and laid back, friendly and a little shy with people I don't know

Here's an example of how my brain is functioning:

I'm thinking "Oh my God I didn't do well at the exam, I might fail, I should have studied more!!" with a depressed look on my face, but before you know it I'm like:" Well, It can't be helped, bye-bye exams, WELCOME BEAUTIFUL SUMMER VACANTION!!!"

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champy Apr 13, 2009

yeah..we get along well..,! i know all her secrets..,;))

 and were always beckering with each other!

 yeah i agree with u! were ur in high school it seems that it is necessary to have a bf..but its not;))

but its a little bit tiring u know..when ur strolling together with ur friends and they called their boyfriends to meet them up..and ur the only one who doesn't have a partner..grrrr..,im just pretending that im talking with someone in my mobile..hahaha den suddently my mobile rings my ear hurts like hell..,lol dat was so funny!they  looked at me..nd i just tell them that suddently he hangs up..den texted me..!hahaha that was a lame excuse


den one time my friends hooked me up during valentines day..

then the guy gave me  1 steam rose.., den during the time that were going to pay our bill he keep on texting w/ someone.., the reason was he forget his wallet.!!

hahaha it turns out that im the one who pay our's a good thing that i always bring my money!

but  haven't experience being kiss yet...

anyways back to having a twin..., a have a huge crush with this guy..and the feeling was mutual..coz he find a way to have a communication w/me..and he always ask me out..but one tym he texted me and said where are u going?  i said huh? den he replied that i saw u passing our house this morning ..den i realize that it wasn't me..itz my twin..since then i change my hair style! i made it more curlier..,den d guy duh.! i know that it was just a mistake


but! maybe im not d one that he really likes..bcoz he was confused who is who..



u takecare always bakane..mwuahzz..God bless u


champy Apr 1, 2009

tnx..i've already right it down..

what happened to you s a little bit funny bout your hi5 account!

bout your job.all i can do s prAY 4 U!


u know what i feel a little bit upset today..coz the people surround me keep comparing me w/ my twin..

cant they see that me and her are two different person..grr..

nd der making a big fuss about me not having a boyfriend ever since!

im soo full of it!!


well it feels good to confide 2 someone!


takecare bakane..God bless you

champy Mar 30, 2009

Ofcourse i still remember u!

yeah i've already watched dat anime!

d english name s his and her circumstances.. tnx by d way!

yeahh i agree with'z been a long time since the last time we talked!

im pretty lucky dis year i guess..,

coz..  after d new year i got a job..


how bout u?.

wat'z new? u have friendster?

can i ask 4 ur email-add f u dont mind?

by d way im currently addicted to skip beat..soo funny

u'll sure'ly have a good laugh

take care and God bless u!

saboten Mar 4, 2009

Hah, I've never thought that, but thank you! As if 9-5's optimistic, that's just a depressing thought, why must work be such hard work?! And your hours sound terrible, you'll be needing a holiday right about now then! I hope your job's not too boring or tiring for you.

Yep, I've seen Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, it's an awesome anime, I'm making my way through the manga now too. It's not on my list though because even though I liked it I just didn't think it was one of my top 5, though I did see it when I was on a bit of an anime low, so I probably didn't enjoy it as much as it deserved...I'll have to check out that one you mentioned (can't remember the name right now XD) there's always a million things I want to see.

shadowds Feb 25, 2009

cool my cuson watch jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu on his ps3 XD