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franko446 avatar franko446


Dec 12, 2013

For some one who thinks most anime suck you sure have watched a few just sayin... 

franko446 avatar franko446


Jun 30, 2013

"Most anime are terrible people, get real!"

What are you doing on an anime site then?

sothis avatar sothis


Jun 29, 2013

"It seems all the people who speak their mind get banned on this site"

Please note that in the history of all of Anime-Planet (the site was created in 2001), I have banned maybe 3 people total (out of 400,000+ users). Ever. Only 1 of those 3 or so was comment banned and not regular banned, and that's roricon. He deserved it after months of repeatedly continuing behavior I told him was not allowed, and it had nothing to do with his negative scores on reviews.

Naga avatar Naga


Jun 3, 2013

*blush* arigatouuu

To be honest I never really felt mind-raped, I just thought that I missed a lot of small things I picked on after a re-watch of EoE. It's unecessary to understand all the symbolism because frankly, they don't have that much significance in the bigger picture. I mean, most of them is here for estetics anyway, but it's still cool if you understand it... in case you've read things like Kabal, Pistis Sophia, Orthodox Bible... you get the picture. It's really just about the message that show is trying to give you, and I found it extremelly well-thought and because of that, I could say that I was mind -blown as well... but in a good way. :3

Naga avatar Naga

Thanks! ^_^

Jun 3, 2013

Thanks for reading my sloppy review, and I absolutely agree with you - SSY was superior in every way and definitely the best anime of the season... well, imo, at least. 

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