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12 OCT

The mafia in American cinema is always in my opinion incredibly unrealistic. Ether they depict them far to harshly such as in early 20s block busters like or are in my opinion far to kind to them in classics like the godfather.  But every so often a piece of art depicts them realistically without to much romantic heroism but not to much despicable villainy. Gungrave is one of those rare occasions. The story revolves around two young juvenile delinquents Brandon heat and harry McDowell. After tragedy strikes them they both end up joining the crime syndicate known as millineom and end up working with the infamous crime boss big daddy. In what results is an incredibly intelligent and emotional journey throw organized crime and there different experiences and mindsets to it. The story is well told and is filled with emotion and well thought out scenarios. Absolutely nothing done in this amine is unnecessary . Every frame event twist and every turn is done to help tell this brilliant story as a whole. The animation in this anime is brilliant and incredibly detailed. The use of light and shadowing is brilliant and helps insight emotion when need be. This series has incredible voice acting in both the sub and the dub so i cant really recommended just one. Also in sound t eh opining and ending themes to this series are a pleasure to lisen to and completely fit the mood and themes of the series. All the characters are superb and well taught out and all have there own motives and complicated past's. I only have one complaint about this series and that is the first episode. Ill be frank the first episode does not make any since unless you have seen the rest of the series. But it holds it purpose mainly so you dont go what the fuck later on in the series. But even thow the first episode is preempt bad the ending more then makes up for it and is in my opinion the best ending to anything i have ever seen. I can not recommend gun grave enough and give at a 10 out of 10 and my highest recommendations. And plese mind my spelling :) I know it sucks.

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  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 9.5/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 10/10

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sothis avatar sothis
Oct 12, 2009

Gungrave is indeed a solid 10/10!

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