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Started watching anime few years ago and still have passion to the anime ^^ like a years ago :)  Searching for a anime which... can make your heart starts pounding... U can feel the feeling of the character,  and at that moment tiмe stop existing.... that is I'm looking for now ...

Glad for char with everyone on AP ^^ 


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May 30, 2009

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July 9, 2009

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Kompas909 avatar Kompas909


Jun 5, 2009
sahilms avatar sahilms


Jun 4, 2009

 Nps..If you need anything just ask :p..

sahilms avatar sahilms


Jun 2, 2009

lol yh thats hw it is...

Fights are dragged out prolonged for extra extra character developement why theyre fighting who theyre protecting  and so on flashbacks and flashbacks till 1 of us falls asleep :P

If it were the just comedy and the action with less emo eps (episodes full of emotional fflash backs) then it would be good...soul eater defines this.. :P its aweesome!!

Reigo avatar Reigo

Thanks! ^_^

Jun 1, 2009


i love your claymore signature!

redlilys avatar redlilys


Jun 1, 2009

ty :D and about trinity blood i havnt watched an episode in like 2 weeks ha but its pretty cool atm im kinda bored with it but im sure ill get into it again

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