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I've watch so much anime, it's hard to say which ones are my favorites. Besides anime I also like Japanese and Chinese dramas even though I don't understand either language. I also like to devote free time to KAT-TUN, my favorite boy band. My list of anime are just some I liked and could think of at the moment as I said before I've seen too many to remember them all.

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sothis says...

Oh man, so the real question is, is Ghost Hunt BETTER or worse than Tactics? Cause I hated Tactics, and wanted to see Ghost Hunt, so the answer will detemrine if I really watch it or not ;)

Oct 26, 2007
Saoulmanblaster says...

Hunter x Hunter owns? You now any other anme that is good and is similar to HXH?

Oct 19, 2007
OneiChan says...

Whats this? Recommendations, but no profile?! I read your recs and they were really good. It's too bad you are not around the site anymore :( It's probably a whole hell of a lot different now than it was last time you were around. You should definitely check it all out again ^_^

Sep 6, 2007