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i'm a 21 year old demure girl, who is currently jobless, BUT still in love with anime/manga...

i kinda know how to play the piano...

karaoke, movie marathon, and just hanging out with my 'barkada' are my hobbies...

i like baking and i have an interest in cooking.

i really would want to try bartending coz i haven't done that and its really interesting to watch when professionals do it. and i kinda feel envious of them...

i'm a chocoholic...also, i really like sweets. but my favorites are really expensives so i really am happy when my mother bakes. and about getting my fave chocolates, that really darn expensive, i just wait when some of my relatives will come and visit us.

for now, i'm on manga and bleach marathon...^^

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Swagger says...

You're welcome. I do miss having money, but I don't miss the working aspect, I usually hate my bosses and end up quitting... That's why I want my own buisness. Something like a cafe/bakery because I love coffee

Anyhow, I better stop myself before I go on and on about my buisness ideas.

Time for an 8 hour afternoon "nap". >.>;

Oct 5, 2011
Swagger says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet~

As you are, I'm also 21 years old, jobless and love anime. (Haven't touched manga in a long time...)

Only upside to being unemployed is you can marathon anime... You'll just never have any money. -_-;

Anyhow, enjoy your stay here.


Sep 29, 2011