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Hola , I'm not good at these Bio things :/ So let's start with the basics ?

The full name is Gillian [Jill-EE-En] Chen , but people call me Jill :) I'm 16, turning 17 on June21. Anywho , currently a JUNIOR at Concord High in California , BAY AREA <3 Chink;Filipino;Thai;Lao ! Haha. I love being active, even though I like to stay home and watch anime :) I'm a tennis player, varsity at that: but I'm not that good (I'm not being modest.) I'm a really hard worker :P Volleyball, softball, football, you name it, I'll play it. I'll play strip poker with you too. Lol.


family. [best]friends. philippines. shopping. $$$. laughing. texting. candy. lipgloss. pictures. randomness. making memories. inside jokes. smiling. starbucks. jamba juice. quicklys . FOOD! naps. sports. teddy bears. victoria secret. cartoons. disney. PURPLE. hello kitty. cell phone; samsung rogue - verizon. TEXTME(: music; itouch. asian music: japanese; korean. concerts. rainy days. summer. hugs. kisses. movies. nicknames. writing. reading. nail polish. make up; urban decay. crushes. sleepovers. sun/nerd glasses. pictures; clouds. l♥ve. and many more.

My genres for anime varies; I've watcched suspenseful ones, romance ones, tear-jerkers, bloody ones, action, etc. etc. So I really don't have a set anime genre :P

aim - babyyxjill ; msn - [email protected] ; ;

Let's be best friends :)

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detectiveyoshi says...

do u give all the anime ur watching a 10?....

Nov 24, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

Who did you like best in Special A?

Nov 13, 2010
Bound says...

Haha why thank you, its on the 28th :)

Jul 16, 2010
Bound says...

Haha sounds good :P

Jul 2, 2010
Bound says...

Its winter here in australia :(

I havnt really been up to anything haha, what about you?

Jul 2, 2010