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i love anime!!!!!!  @_@, im sooo addictied to Final Fantasy!!!!!^_^.....its soo magical and amazing!!!!!. i really like manga aswell.

i love drawing and painting anime!!! ^_^   <3

im doing a anime commic!! its going really well:) if you have any ideas please fill me in!

my favriote music is anything i like, if it sounds good!!..X_x

my favriote food is asian food and mexicon: noddels, sushi, rice...etc

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VincentOtaku Mar 1, 2010

haha thats cool

girls have the right to play the best games of this world aswell

;P its just the first time i know a girl playing ff

and i was pretty shocked ^_^

Tekaru Feb 28, 2010

Hellow =3

The differnt between a Emo and goth is, that the Goth more spike and satan stuffs do, and Emo is a lifestyle, and the most who are emo, they had a annoying past. and normal person... just normal xD, in different types xD. Nooh, I am just going to take a shower and go to bed and listen music, and maybe calling on the phone with a girlfriend. and you?


Tekaru Feb 28, 2010


yea, everything is fine, my day has been good and everything been good this weekend, I am feeling normal today, and you ?, I dont think that I would conver to the islam... I just dot really want a regilion, srry if I said that, my family is normal. xD, I dont know why I have so few friends... I think it comes that I am small, and I am a ' Emo ' do you know what that is ?, but I dont really want to explain why I am an Emo, srry about that...

Bye xx

VincentOtaku Feb 28, 2010

lol how came u play ff ? xd

i mean its a little rare for a girl or is it not? o.O

VincentOtaku Feb 28, 2010

now telll me WHICH FINAL FANTASY have u played IM SO ADDICTED ASWELL!!!!