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i love anime!!!!!!  @_@, im sooo addictied to Final Fantasy!!!!!^_^.....its soo magical and amazing!!!!!. i really like manga aswell.

i love drawing and painting anime!!! ^_^   <3

im doing a anime commic!! its going really well:) if you have any ideas please fill me in!

my favriote music is anything i like, if it sounds good!!..X_x

my favriote food is asian food and mexicon: noddels, sushi, rice...etc

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Tekaru Mar 11, 2010

Oowh sorry xD. sorry for my late reaction, yah.. I didn't had time to left a comment because I was very very bussy with school, and I was angry to my mom...

but now everything is good, and with you ? I have a day of today xD

XxXAnimeXxXFreakXxX Mar 10, 2010


What Have You been up To These Days..

Sorry For Not Coming Online Often Just School Is Making Me Crazy..

So Howz Life..???

MyImmortal Mar 9, 2010

Hiya! Thats good to hear I've done well in my lessons too ^_^ i've been pretty good n u?  The weather is great hear also, it actually reached up to 60 degrees it was hot today lol. Just been playing some soccer and got my lazy ass up to look for some work :P lol, how 'bout you what you been up to?

MyImmortal Mar 7, 2010

Hey!, haha same here i'm just getting into my driving lessons too a bit nerve racking but i think i'll be cool. Thank you i'm having a geat time in school and you stay safe also:) lol, good luck in your driving lessons

MyImmortal Mar 4, 2010

Hi! thx i like the avatar too just some random pick I found on google lol. I get the gist of what you are saying for your drawings, you have varied art thats kewl :) Yeah the weather is turning for the better here is been on the high 40's farhenhite. been going out lately ^_^ as for my classes i've been packed with work X-( staying up a night finishing it up lol. Other than that I've been great thx for asking :) How have you been? and how is college?