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i love anime!!!!!!  @_@, im sooo addictied to Final Fantasy!!!!!^_^.....its soo magical and amazing!!!!!. i really like manga aswell.

i love drawing and painting anime!!! ^_^   <3

im doing a anime commic!! its going really well:) if you have any ideas please fill me in!

my favriote music is anything i like, if it sounds good!!..X_x

my favriote food is asian food and mexicon: noddels, sushi, rice...etc

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MyImmortal Mar 17, 2010

Hi! schools been great actually no complaints here. Nah I don't play any other instruments guitar seems the only appealing one to me lol.. Though I might pick up a violin some day but for now i'll stick with the guitar. I live in Brooklyn not the city but of course I go there occasionally with friends and family. BTW do you play any imstruments and what music you like, I know you wrote you like all types but everyone likes 1 or 2 specific genres more than the others atleast i think :p and thank you my days been great ^_^

XxXAnimeXxXFreakXxX Mar 16, 2010

oh ok..

its just because shes one of my faviroute characters..

sorry for taking long again its becaude my sister broke my laptop screen while i was at school so i took it to the shop so they can fix it.. so i cant reply unless i use the schools computer like today.. :(

MyImmortal Mar 15, 2010

Hey! thats good to hear i'm glad the weather turned out good for you. It's getting pretty good here also n_n  I've been pretty much up to the same stuff also. I'm still a begginer at guitar finished learning the basics and playing some simple songs as of now eventually i'll write some songs :) I didn't do much driving lessons cause of the weather but like I said its getting better here so i'll start up soon enough again ^_^

MyImmortal Mar 13, 2010

Hey! sry I haven't been on for a while just finished putting up my new computer, I was a bit lazy so it took me a while :P Aww lol I feel for you I can't stand the cold weather either, Hope it gets better for you there. I haven't been up to much this week the weather turned out for the worse here it's been raining for two days straight and suppose to continue for two more days :'( guess my luck ran out lol soo yeah I just been playing my guitar, invinted some friends over played some PS3 and thats about it. So anything intresting with you? even though things don't seem to go our way lol

XxXAnimeXxXFreakXxX Mar 12, 2010

Yh.. Im Busy Too With School..

Your Learning How to Drive.. Congratulations..

My Life Is boring As usual.. with School And all..!!