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about me

i love anime!!!!!!  @_@, im sooo addictied to Final Fantasy!!!!!^_^.....its soo magical and amazing!!!!!. i really like manga aswell.

i love drawing and painting anime!!! ^_^   <3

im doing a anime commic!! its going really well:) if you have any ideas please fill me in!

my favriote music is anything i like, if it sounds good!!..X_x

my favriote food is asian food and mexicon: noddels, sushi, rice...etc

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united kingdom

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February 15, 2010

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September 5, 2010

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eaper avatar eaper


Feb 15, 2010

Hello! Thanks for the comment=-) Welcome to Anime-Planet!

nasreen10 avatar nasreen10


Feb 15, 2010

Sadly no. I wish I were though.

babyh avatar babyh

You Rock!

Feb 15, 2010

your soooo wicked!!! hahaha!!!! dont worry i know a lot of people who suck at drawing anime!!! ^_^im just one of the lucky one's i can draw anime, but them all my friend's want me to draw them picture's and stuff!!! lol @_@..... so what do you do for a living? ....xx

dakotasapphire avatar dakotasapphire


Feb 15, 2010

ha ha ha ha ha. i'm from usa, and i'm cacuasion and i suck at drawing anime.

babyh avatar babyh

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 15, 2010

hello everyone!!!!!!!!!^_^ ............

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