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i love anime!!!!!!  @_@, im sooo addictied to Final Fantasy!!!!!^_^.....its soo magical and amazing!!!!!. i really like manga aswell.

i love drawing and painting anime!!! ^_^   <3

im doing a anime commic!! its going really well:) if you have any ideas please fill me in!

my favriote music is anything i like, if it sounds good!!..X_x

my favriote food is asian food and mexicon: noddels, sushi, rice...etc

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XxXAnimeXxXFreakXxX Feb 25, 2010

What Is The Final Fantasy Game On PS3 Called If You Don't Mind..XD

Tekaru Feb 24, 2010

Okay, well 2:30 am is not late but, at such time I will be tiered.. xD and will have problems with my mom, nevermind that.

And no.. the rain didn't stop, but I got luck, because, When I am at school, then it rains, but when school is finisch then the rain stopped =P. I love japanese songs,korean,indonesia, and I love R&B and rock, only Asian Rock =P like J-Rock. I hope for you that your drives lesson will be okay, you have only to do your best and belive that everting will be fine. =D and it is normal that somebody is nervous do make a test, it is never perfect, well it could be in somethimes =D. Yeah anything is nice, I played Silent Hill - Memories shattered, and o.0 my cousin was scared xD but now he's go home, I am going to studie for englisch for a test and, chek my homework. 

Why are you actully asking me how it is with my girlfriend? I don't have one... but I have a lot of girls that is a friend of my, just school mates xD, and actully a lot of more girls then boys o.0, nevermind that xD.

how is it going with your boyfriend ? ^.^  noo..just kidding xD.. well Have a nice night and sleep well, have sweetdreams <3.

crimsonhunter Feb 24, 2010

I see^^

Thanks a bunch, I just realised how lazy I really am xD

Tekaru Feb 24, 2010

Last night I felt in sleep at 11 o'clock in the night I thnik xD. My school always stardet at 09:45 in the morning, and it is finish at 03:20 in the afternoon.

Well actully I didn't have much to do today, only school, and a bit homework but I am always doing my homework at night because, in the night is my concentration way much better then in day light. =P.

and I am now drawing chatchers for '' The-Ninja '' =D. and a cousin is comming to visit me, and he will draw too I think. xD

Wohoooo I talk a way much 0.o.. well and what for type of music do you like ? and do you have facebook or something else. but you dont have to tell if you dont want it =D, I am not pushing you.


Tekaru Feb 24, 2010

Hellow! =3

Kawaii is a word in it Japanese,it means '' Cute '', I Love it to say it to people who are very Kind, like you, but actully I dont have any idea that you're really cute xD. But I Like it when you feel sorry and that is cute =3.

so.. and what did you al day ?