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Elfen Lied

Dec 24, 2012

Story: The story of Elfen Lied is amazing, at first, everything is somewhat hard to comprehend, we know that there is an monster on the loose named 'Lucy', the protagonist, she gets shot in the head and developes an split personality. Its later when we find out that she is not an monster but an Diclonius, an being similar to the humans but having a few genetic differences. The differences are they have a pair of little horns on their head and they have more than two arms, the other arms other than the normal 2 like humans are invisible and known as 'vectors'. These arms are able to slice through objects easily as well as throw objects that seem to be very very heavy, they can make contact with everything as well as becoming insubstantial and pass through objects. Lucy gets washed up on the shore as is take care of Kohta, the male protagonist. The shock of finding that there is deep history between the characters is probably what makes this anime such an success.

Animation: This is an modern anime, with modern technology for animations, so its nothing special, but it decent, the blood-baths are well displayed in the anime as well as the tears of both sadness and joy look much more detailed and well animated than many animes at this modern day and age.

Sound: The opening song is fantastic, although on the first few episodes, the song going with the opening is rather odd and we probably cannot comprehend exactly what to expect. However as we watch we start to understand why the song is put with the opening as well as why the opening is like this. The music match perfectly in the blood-bath scenes. The sound of this is very nicely panned out.

Characters: The characters were great, although at the end, it seems that the other characters were not needed. Especially Yuka, she seems to have played no role in the anime, as well as Mayu, Mayu seems to have just been put into the anime for the sake of having her their. Yuka seems to be in the way of the anime itself though, if the anime was to cut short of the scences with Yuka and take Yuka out of the equation, maybe the anime would've been an even greater success. We then begin to understand how the characters feel, the two protagonists, Lucy and Kohta. Kohta is a mere boy whom Lucy fell in love with, and it seems Kohta returns those feelings to her but he thinks he cannot have those feelings.

Overall: Overall the anime was awesome, containing ecchi, harem, fantasy, action and gore. The missing emotion would be joy, their wasn't any comedy associated with this anime, in this tense anime, there should have been a slight bit of comedy to loosen up the mood, however this may have been why the anime was so brilliant as it was so very shocking and sad. The tragedy of this anime is probably what brings its success.

Thanks for reading :D Hopefully my review wasnt too bad :D

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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