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Story: The story of a young boy becoming an saviour and then ending the world. Rather far fetched and full of imagination, then again, all animes are imaginative and far fetched. The story of EVAs (giant robots) are what the team of teenagers pilot, however the EVAs are not fully under their control, and they were not made by mankind either... As well as the enemies the teens have to defeat, called 'angels' the protagonist questions himself several times throughout the anime what they are and what their true intent is. The plot of the the anime was awesome. However the ending was horrible, the final 2 episodes should have followed the course of the rest of the anime, however the ending was altered into the emotions, the thoughts of inside the protagonist, many viewers of this anime took a while to fully grasp, and then to comprehend what was happening. The 'ending' of this anime was total blasphemy. In fact, the 'ending' shouldn't even be considered an ending as it was so terrible.

Animation: Surprisingly, the animation was very well displayed, considering the animation was before the the 21st century, the animation is so very much better than a lot of other animes with the animation being completely crap. Although however sometimes in the anime, there would be an still image and no dialouge, sometimes it felt like the producers screwed up somewhere and for 10% of the entire anime there was just an frozen image, with no sound.

Sound: The music is fantastically paired with the animation, especially the fight scences as well as the sudden out burst of the protagonist's power/will to fight. The added sound effects is just like many animes, plain but nicely done, nothing special, but nothing bad either. The opening song is a nice piece of work, although the same cannot be said for the ending song.

Characters: The characters, unlike many other animes, this anime isn't able to make the audience particularly despise a particular character, although maybe this anime was not intended that way. All characters have their roles in this anime. Although the most interesting character is still most probably Rei Ayanami, she is the special one, whom is different from everybody else, the bad thing about Rei is not her, but the anime/producer's fault. Rei should have had a bigger role and her history should have been shown more, both to the audience and to the protagonist. When Asuka, another major character came into the anime at episode 8 Rei seemed to be a minor character for quite a while until later on in the anime where Asuka semmingly plays an even minor role compared to Rei. Shinji, the protagonist seems to be taking the entire show away, altough his the protagonist and all, he shouldn't be the only one seen on screen.

Overall: The anime at first was great, the ending just made the overall bad, as well as no official romance happening in the anime after the anime hints to the audience that there was something going on. The anime was awesome, although watching the Evangelion movies now, it somewhat seems that the movies are better than the original seris itself. Overall, that anime was awesome. I personally recommend this anime to people as its not just robots fighting monsters but has a proper story line as well as emotional depth put into it.

Hopefully my review wasn't too bad :D

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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