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Accel World

Dec 23, 2012

Accel World :D

Story: A little fat boy whom was bullied constantly befriends the school's most stunning girl, he learns her dark secret. She made the biggest betrayal in this game which others take too seriously, and because they have to have had this device worn since birth, 15 year olds are the oldest players in this game. She was one of the 7 kings of the game (7 top players), in order to become the strongest she had to kil the other 6 in this game. However the 7 had made an alliance, hence when she broke the alliance she became known as the biggest traitor. The fat boy's best friend had known for a while that she was the traitor and has killed her several times in game duels. The fat boy then proceeds to fight his bestfriend then confronts him about the isues between the two and another girl. In the end the 3 are together and when the school's most famous girl leaves on a school trip a new psychopathic boy whom hacked the game turns the fat boy and his little team into turmoil. The girl on the school trip learns of the incidents and helps the fat boy and their team and the hacker loses, his game is uninstalled forever from him as well as the memories of the game are deleted.

Animation: The animation was good, as expected from modern animation animes.

Sound: The sound quality is good, nothing special, nothing bad about it either though.

Characters: Characters are all good, every single one of them are good.... except for the protagonist. Worst character look I have seen for an protagonist I have seen for a quality anime! The protagonist is half if not a third of the size of the other characters in height in the real world, and he is so fat to the point where his width seems wider than his height! Its ridiculous how the protagonist's body is so pathetic. This is just my personal opinion but normally the protagonist of action/adventure genre animes should be bell built, even if they are slightly chubby or scrawny at the start they lose weight/gain muscle and then look alright, however this anime, the little fat guy is pathetic and just does not put a good image for the anime. Just think about it, the front cover of an anime CD, if we're to pick up an anime CD and look at the cover. Chances that we'd find interest in an anime with an fat little guy wheather his bare handed or equipped with some type of weaponery over an well built protagonist bare handed or holding some type of weaponery is very very slim.

Overall: The overall anime was good, just how pathetic the protagonist looked annoys me greatly.

Thanks for reading :D Hopefully my review wasn't too bad.

I watched this anime hoping it would be something somewhat as good as Sword Art Online seeing its by the same author, although the plots are generally similar, the character is a major set back and about 20 of my friends did not watch this because of the protagonist in the first episode. Don't bother watching this anime, just watch Sword Art Online and watch your other animes, this anime was more or less a bore and a waste of time compared to Sword Art Online.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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aznkevy Jan 21, 2013

Sorry. I have never done a review until the few I suddenly all just dispatched within the 2 days.

Lumineux Jan 20, 2013

Did you just spoil the story in the plot section? I skimmed it, but it looks like it. Suppose to be a review, not a summary.