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LolitaCherry says...

When will you be finishing you exams ?? =O

May Allah be with you !!

As for me , the last anime I watched was " K " .. I told you that xDD ; but I didn't finish it!! Although it has only 13 episodes.. I just did not have an encouraging internet connexion for it and I didn't have the time too x(

Anyways, good news is that I resumed :3 

Jun 19, 2013
LolitaCherry says...

It has been months since you last logged in =O 

Well.. same with me xDD 

Jun 19, 2013
LolitaCherry says...

I noted that down =D I shall start watching it thanks for the recommendation =D

I can always count on you ahahaha

For the moment my time is absorbed by a series that is pretty much related to my studies . Once I am done with it I shall go back to watching anime *_*

Jan 24, 2013
LolitaCherry says...

Yeeeeeeey ! You got to be reunited with your family =D I very happy for you =D

It is alright I forgive your absenteism u___u ( How kind of me xD )

I started K .

It is a funny story actually xD There was a picture gathering two characters from the anime: Mikoto Suoh and Anna Kushina. The picture says " Every badass needs a lolita" XDD I laughed hard at that one and had to check what was it about u_u

Dec 26, 2012
ayoubslipknot says...

>_____< !!! i didnt forget about it ! its a busy end of a year for me >_< i traveled back to Qatar to meet my familly and after that im heading back to germany ...i didnt even continue Chuunyibu...T_____Till be updated as sooooooon as possible !  

Dec 26, 2012