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Sitting on them so he got there are bad and I think it will you're probably right and then about three days ago went by there and one with popped open and it didn't look like an animal had even at because it you know crack like a decade come outland so I think it okay so when hatch to me the other three will hatch and they never they never hatched and then about a day after that of course it says it takes nine days for a debt today an egg that's what I read online site it was nine days for it to those exhort they laid of four eggs at  so I think it well if it to a while maybe you know it'll take a day or two for each day am thinking okay and I'm it to go tossing like you know levy’s allowing MA has it was like we'd only  years said it was like yeah but I just don't want anybody to mess with them you know because they're their chain I was too late when I got home that evening the carter's the  my neighbors Lauren had already taken them you know that clean them out and I was like think that's not good so I don't know there's one baby duck and hopefully. FIRMATIV

I could see him pretty soon but he's here the moment at and that that DaddyTech Center for their they my backyard all the time that's right you know this is kind of so there was a neat what's the exact but whatever anyhow so who am got my little um insight into my life and.


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