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Rosario to Vampire

Mar 7, 2013

Well, what can I say about this anime? It made me less sexist, oh but not in a good way. It made women and love plots so degrading and mortifyingly stupid; I had a new profound respect and higher expectations of behavior of women in reality and fiction. First let's discuss a little about the plot. It seems interesting at first. *NOTE I watched this a long time ago, and not a lot was memorable so I won't be calling the characters by their real names. The male protaganist has a problem taking tests and so he flunks every entrance exam nearby. Then miraculously he's enrolled at last at a school. But he accidentally got accepted into a high school for monsters and on his way he befriends a very attractive and large-breasted vampire girl. So let's just speed through this. Vampire girl falls in love with him, but then so do a succubus, a frost demon, and a witch (the witch was a very young girl and I was still was kinda new to anime so that took some getting used to :/ ). I mean look at that set up! It sounds so interesting and exciting and the story had a lot of potential. Sadly it justs repeatedly crashes more and more into lower depths of silliness. *I hated the second season even more though. I know that it's a comedy, but it was just SO REPETITIVEand most of the jokes seemed to miss more than hit and most of the jokes came from the sexual awkwardness the guy would get himself into. All the girls pathetically grabbed for his attention, and I only liked the shy stalker frost demon girl. She was the most interesting out of all of them, and if only the rest characters were as entertaining as her. The male protaganist doesn't do shit, but activate the vampire girl's locked away vampire powers, by (always accidental) ripping off her cross necklace. I've never seen an anime where the guy is the one in the background rooting for them and that really pissed me off! Get off your ass and do something you lucky and so stupid bastard! This made me appreciate so much more female love interests that actually did something to help the other characters fight off a villain. To be fair the guy was a human and all the villains were supernatural monsters, and he did put himself in harm's way to save them. I guess it was that one redeeming quality that made me stay with the show. So the main characters sucked, but what about the rest? The only cool and creative character was the last bad guy in the season finale. Everyone else was some stupid generic one-eyed lizard crap or something (talk about disappointing). There was one cool and epic scene where the guy does save the vampire girl from being killed (anymore details would be spoilers). So this anime was not worth the watch in my opinion. There's little to no character development and the fighting sequences are so repeteaed and used over, it's mind-numbing. Don't believe me and want to give it a chance? Go ahead, but remembered what I warned you about . (If you can, leave me a comment of what you thought of this review and how accurate or innacurate it was. Thanks and have a nice day.)

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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