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kamkaw Jul 19, 2008


Great TOP 5 :) I loved them all yet I'm a little sceptical about Evangelion... hmm guess I have to watch it also :D

 I really like your won't watch list :) and judging rest of yours lists  I guess I like your tatse :D

 And I like your avatar

Slykester Jul 16, 2008

Thanks for the comment. I noticed we have some similar views on anime ratings, nice to meet you too ^_^

TBO Jul 12, 2008

The last inflames album I had was Clayman, whch was awsome, but I haven't really listened to much metal lately, should get back to it ^-^ I'll try out the inflames album.

Between the Buried and Me eh?  I'll check 'em out thanx :D

I only have 4 songs by Takada Kozue, And my fav either has to be Sekai no hate made, or Inko (which BTW is an awsome song) Although yesasia seems to have an album there, I'm going to order it when I have the pennies available ^-^  

TBO Jul 11, 2008

Wow, so much in common ^-^

I tend to pick up everything from new season (or everthing I can get) and drop them as I lose interest. As I watch anime instead of 'normal' TV, I watch all sorts of differant genres. 

I used to primarily listen to metal (InFlames, Pantera, Mudvayne to name a few) before being consumed the the j-pop/rock :)

BTW, have you heard anything by Takada Kozue? She done a Kiba ED (4th I think) and another ED for Eureka 7 (of which I love) Her voice is amazing :D 

Anyhows, Have fun :)

chii Jun 29, 2008

oh good I'm glad they helped. It's hard to get into a writing mood to write them cause they take quite a lot of effort and time sometimes. :P I'll be writing more and more soon enough :)