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I'm to be found here.

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Cfos Oct 13, 2008

Yo, it's been as long time:P thought I should say hi once in a while^^.

Where are your notable shows besides your top5??^^

Anyway, I just wanted to remember you, DON'T YOU DARE FORGET ELFENLIED IN GOOD QUALITY :D:D:D^^(by tomorrow, and now I'm at the point where I hope that this comment won't get deleted^^)

Anyway...stay healthy^^

Sandbar Jul 26, 2008

Hey dude!

Sorry for taking a while in responding, I haven't been on the forums much lately, and been getting carried away with anime. hehe

I've just finished watching Black Lagoon seasons 1 and 2, and I love it. It's quite a departure from the stuff I've been watching lately such as Azumanga Daoih and 5cm, lol, but it was an awesome anime. I'm currently watching Gungrave and Trigun, and also want to see Gunslinger Girl - so I think I'm going through a gunslinger phase of my anime watching life. hehe

Oh, and I'm just seen Haibane Renmei which is soooo beautiful. I wish it went on longer. It's just as beautiful as 5cm. I LOVE ANIME! YAY! hehe

Yep, I am a graphic designer, though I haven't had any *real* formal training in it, except for a diploma in multimedia which only touched lightly on various aspects of graphic design, but nothing too indepth. Most of the stuff I've just had to learn myself - but there's so much to learn!

Some of my work can be seen on www.mediapit.com.au which is the company I contract my work out too. Most of the business cards I did, and some of the logo designs. I would love to get more into video editing as well, and managed to do a couple of tv commercials.

Hey great profile dude, and I've looked through your watched list of anime, and it looks like you have great taste. Looks like I might check out some of the anime you've watched and rated highly, since you seem to like the same stuff as me.

Anyway, hope you are having a great time on your side of the world, and speak to you next time.



kamkaw Jul 26, 2008

It's from quiz ep 15 :) It Vince answered :P

And yeah I'm downloading Tomoyo :D

kamkaw Jul 25, 2008

I'm really grateful :) Ergo Proxy just keeps getting better and better :D I have to quote this:

 - Who invented dynamite?

 - Dynamite-san?

KiraRin Jul 25, 2008

I got an Archos for my birthday, and it is a 12 inchtouch screen that you can watch videos on, music, pictures, browse the internet, and its great! 40GB harddrive, so I can fill it with stuff, and its also wireless so I can connect to the server at home and stream anime in the front room!

I notice you're another J-pop fan. Have you ever listened to Rie Fu? She sings in Japanese and English, and has one of the most amazing voices.