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I'm to be found here.

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ProgramZero Oct 31, 2008

That's pretty cute.

SpineShank Oct 30, 2008

I'm pretty sure Hikikomori doesn't mean lolicon :\ . It is a word that refers to reclusive individuals who have chosen to withdraw from social life. A.K.A people who never leave their houses or rooms. I'd say the difference between a child-obsessed pervert and a hikikomori is pretty large (Albiet a Hikikomori could very well be a lolicon :P)

Interesting bio though :D

kamkaw Oct 26, 2008


long time no see :)

yeah I know I should came by earlier but somehow... well you know :P

And great Avatar! Looks even better than previous one :D who she is? Because she looks familiar for some reason :P

And I can see you are watching every good show of this season :) I mean: Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka, Chaos;Head, Clannad After Story, ef - a tale of melodies, Kannagi, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Toradora!, Yozakura Quartet :) But I'm a bit worried about yours scores for last 3 ones... I mean Toradora! is not likable for everyone but 3,5 stars... I'm sad... Please tell me why? ;)

Cfos Oct 24, 2008

After some time I read your BIO once again, and to be honest, there are some pretty shocking things^^.

First of all... "(Actually, I don't dislike ecchi.)" does that mean you LIKE ecchi (you LOVE ecchi,:O:O), for you to write this... :P:P^^

But, though I thought that's already enough for my poor heart^^, I read something REALLY shocking: "I'm not particularly attracted to lolis", and what's with your tons of loli-pics on your notebooks HD (for anyone other reading this comment, I don't want to embarass my dear friend so I'll just write this BEFORE you think of him the wrong way, DON'T WORRY MY DEAR FRIEND, I'LL BEWARE YOUR DIGNITY^^, there are NO loli pics on his HD^^, well... at least I think so^^), yeah... don't deny your TRUE nature^^.

Well, I think that's enough for today... look forward to my next comment^^ hehehe and stay healthy (of course...Actually I wanted to write something now, but if I would, you would be very angry^^)

Cfos Oct 14, 2008

My dear friend, I won't DARE to miss my daily visit of your profile!!!!!!^^

But, I've lost faith in you:'(, really, just now I saw something TERRIBLE^^, you put... ... (I can't say it:'(...)... one .rmvb file on my HOLY "otaku-sensei"...^^

Well... after all you're my senpai so I'll forgive you:P, and don't be depressed cuz nobody visits your profile, after all I'm there, your eternal RIVAL^^ (don't forget the challenges^^, be ready to be battled in the ground and deeperxD)

Always remember, I WATCH U!!!!!!

Stay healthy ~shounen^^