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kamkaw Nov 11, 2008

Hey :)

Well if you ask already, I'll complain a bit... We actually have independance day here in Poland and a lond weekend on this occasion but still... I've so much homework to do that I didn't even have time to answer you :( much less to watch Anime :(

And back on the topic... Well I don't feel like I would enjoy Anime abouit music... Especially about Death Metal music... but Anime industry surprised me so many times that if it's comedy I may even give it a try :) It'll all depend on my humor so I don't really know myself ;P

And responding to your previous comment... Yeah I've Kurozuka in my want to watch list so I'll definietly watch it some time soon :D

And regarding Ghost Hunt, I've dropped it when I was just starting my adventure with Anime and for some time now I feel like picking it up again so after your reccomendation I'll pick it up for sure :D

ProgramZero Nov 7, 2008

i actually haven't finished the first season yet, since I watch it on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It sucks that I'm not allowed on the net a home. The only reason I know was that I read too much on a Lelouch article on Wikipedia article. Those things should have disclaimer warnings.

ProgramZero Nov 6, 2008

Yea, that scene has all the proof. Didn't she even address him by name?

ProgramZero Nov 5, 2008

It seems that you also believe that he's alive. At least, it seems that way to me.

ProgramZero Nov 2, 2008

I say that he's alive. (He won't be when Kallen finds out...)