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Winter 2011, first thoughts

20 DEC

Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft- Im not very familiar with Lovecraft's work, but having just completed Ika Musume I'm willing to give this a shot. I'm not really sure why I'm connecting them, maybe its just the thought of taking a serious subject like an Invasion or Lovecraftian horror and combining it with a cute girl and some humor. Whatever it is, I have to admit I'm liking it.


Wolverine- After watching the very mediocre Iron Man, Im kind've hesitant to watch this. Iron Man is my second favorite Marvel character and I was disappointed at how useless Tony Stark became. I've also always held the belief that Wolverine is a very interesting character doomed to appear in bad stories, this in all likelihood no exception. I'll probably end up watching this hoping it will connect with Iron Man and the upcoming X-men animes, all to culminate in my very much hoped for SpiderMan anime.


Fractale- I honestly don't know much about this, but from the few images I've seen and the brief plot synopsis I read it looks promising. This could be one of the only original new plots of the season.


IS: Infinite Stratos- Single guy in a school environment, filled with girls and mechas. Not original in any way, but I was pleasantly surprised by Star Driver. If I get a few laughs and some cool mech battles I will be content.


GOSICK- I think I can sum this up in four words, Japanese Sherlock Holmes Schoolgirl. That being said, I'm kind've really looking forward to this. Maybe it goes back to the Ika Musume thing I was talking about earlier, maybe I'm just hoping for closure after the recent movie. I don't know, but what I do know is that I'm expecting some retellings of a few of Doyle's classics, and hopefully some new mysteries that are actually, you know, mysterious.


Freezing- Looks like a Claymore knock-off, but given how much I enjoy Claymore, I'm gonna watch this and hope it gives me what the Claymore anime didn't, a decent ending.


Kore wa Zombie desu ka?- Zero no Tsukaima but with Zombies? Seems that just like Hollywood, Japan is running out of new ideas. Just another reason why I'm so looking forward to Fractale I guess. But I enjoy ZnT, so here's hoping this can surpass it.


Dragon Crisis!- I dont really know what to think about this one, but I've got a few friends who are interested, so I'll probably end up watching a couple episodes.


Also new Angel Beats OVA which has me very excited, and the next Roberta's Blood Trail OVA which I'm thinking about starting. I've held off so far because Roberta's arc was my least favorite part of Black Lagoon, but I've heard this is worth a shot.


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