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It is back!!! i can track my anime so much better now!!!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by, my name is asucrews. i not the most original when comes to handles nor very good in talk about myself. I been watching anime senses i was 14 that, i really have not see much, as I would like but that changing. i am a nerd all the way and i am member of the S.C.A. I have a blog thing, and playing around with some website stuff, witch I enjoy doing, I not the best with grammar, well I kind of bad at it, so sorry in advance.

I don't have set type of anime I like, I watch anything onces. It seem that I watch more of the space, and semi historical based ones. I do admit I enjoy watching the harem anime too, they are really funny, most of the time.

oh yes if want to see what web stuff i playing with. cheack out or

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What?! No manga ratings?

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CodeWordChobits says...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier... I was the first one from AZ on this site... prolly 7 years ago? Not sure could be more, but I could be exagerating a little bit too. Been here since it was just the forum really. There was a time when I was in the top ten highest posters on the site too *shrug* dono if those stats are even public info anymore... I dissapear for a while for this new job (well a little over a year is not so little a while huh?) and come back to find this! Well I'm lad people are finally listening to me and oining instead of lurking... I tell everyone who says anything about anime to join us here... even though I'm not the most active member anymore =( Sothis works her ass of on this site and it is really become great and I'm thrilled to see SO many new people! Welp, thought I'd ive you the back story... sorry if it's a bit long winded.

See ya round

Oct 3, 2007
sothis says...

The backpiece was 41 hours (that was fast comparitively :p) and the legs were 11 hours each, wooo!!

PS: fill out a custom forum signature! :D

Sep 23, 2007
motoman9213 says...

No problem man, Im Glad you liked the sig and avatar. Also I see you havent watched samurai champloo yet I very highly reccomend it if your trying to decide what to watch next. 

Sep 4, 2007
SlaserX says...

Yeah, he's about the only other AZ guy around.

You dont have a #5 anime? :o

Aug 17, 2007
ParaParaJMo says...

Nice to see another Arizona guy here.

Aug 9, 2007