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nara Jun 24, 2008

So, have you seen the newest Vamp (ep 12)?  It's still moving in unison with the manga, but they extended the scenes so much with a lot of crap stuff.  Yet, I still liked it.  Though, I had an issue with the Kaname Shizuka talk...they were way more subtle than in the manga, and it left one wondering the wrong thing.  The end of this season is next week, and the series will continue up again next October.  Tehe.  The last ep will be's too bad they couldn't end with this one.  But oh man, next season will be sweet....hehehe.

nara Jun 19, 2008

 There are 2332 mangas on this site.

Happy hunting.


nara Jun 17, 2008





I just read up to and through book 8 of Vampire Knight.  Wow.  The plot is fantastic.  SOooooo many twists, my jaw must have been on the floor starting in book 7.  BTW, I found a site that has every manga you can think of translated and on the pages as if you bought it in the store; high quality stuff.  If you want to know where it is, let me know... 

nara Apr 26, 2008

Well, I just watched a REALLY good movie called Blade of the Stranger.  It's a male Balsa.  I LOVE the guy.  The fight scenes were incredible and the graphic detail is superb.  When you have 2 hours, check it out!

nara Apr 15, 2008

Soooo...I found a perfect replacement for Kekkaishi. It's called Shounen Onmyouji.  It is REALLY good.  Check it out!