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Watching some Chinese anime( you still call them anime??) as I've found them strangely addicting. One reason for this could be the style and setting is different than a Japanese made anime in a number of ways, a lot of them are supernatural with drama. Titles I'm watching includes, Little Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Rakshasa Street, and Soul Contract(this has a Japanese version now and contains many cheesy BL ish moments many fans want to see). There's a bit of action in all of these and a lot of talking and comedy. If you want a change of pace I recommend these titles.

 Lately I've started new shows in the season, one being Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil, which is actually very interesting. Action mixed with warfare and a chaotic evil MC. ACCA also seems like a slow paced unraveling of somesort of dark plot, my little witch academia is just cute and honest show about girls going to school as witches. Overall a nice mix this season. 

Tbh I'm still watching some previous titles such as Nanbaka and Trickster, Nanbaka turned out more entertaining than I expected while still cheesy at the same time, while Trickster was rather dissapointing with plot and character development, though I like Kobayashi so I will finish the series for that. Also mentionable is the second season of Blue Exorcist and Konosuba.

About Me:

I've been watching anime since 7th grade, and it all started when I saw Naruto Shippuden on TV but wanted the full series in order. Ahhh those days, before I got tired of all the Naruto fillers and flashbacks they put in... Thus my life of obbsession with anime began :D

My favorite genres include

Though really I like almost anything depending on the quality of the individual anime. My least favorite genres includes

Yea...I can't do mecha. It's rare if I watch that, those bulky suits of metal are so unappealing to me. Yea...I really like One Piece. I figure there's a combination of reasons to this...but I'm not gonna argue that it's the best thing ever...cause' it's not. But I still love it so much Q_Q

If you look at what I've watched, you may also notice I drop a lot of anime. I just looked, and I was like wow, I haven't finished about a 1/4 of the anime I started. If they get boring, I won't force myself to watch it, and will put it on hold for a while which causes me to eventually end up dropping a lot of anime. If I one day pick them up again, so be it, but I'm not gonna force myself to watch something if it bores me, I wanna be entertained (unless it's just a couple of eps. to finish). 

Star Rating System(My Personal Enjoyment + Plot, Char., and Animation):

5-4.5-Amazing! Left an impact, stayed up until 1 to finish these. Difference in 5 to 4.5 could be the way the anime ended or some plot points. Lovely animation.

4-Very entertaining, pretty good for its genre and has some unique points.

3.5-Average, but still entertaining to watch. Can't say it's great. Characters are often not that well developed or unique.

3-Normal. I get bored at some points in this, sometimes its more of a filler anime I watch while doing something. Some of the characters might annoy me. Still a basic level of entertainment I can watch if I'm in the right mood.

2.5-1-Really bad plot, animation, and 2D characters lead to this rating. This might have been a genre I like (Yaoi for example), but really I can't say anything good about this. Other series might havebeen hard to watch, but I just barely kept going. Others might have been border line 3 but then had a crappy ending. I don't watch anime that would get a 1 from me, I normally don't watch anime that are 2.5-2. I want to be entertained, not bored and annoyed. 

No rating- This is for any anime I didn't finish more than half of or feel like I haven't seen enough to rate it.


Often my opinion and rating does not differ greatly from the overall average rating recieved, but it is still my actual opinion of the show. When it does there's a reason why I think it does. The reviews I write often try to explain why the rating is what it is, and why I also think about the same of the show, or why it is a bit better or worse than that rating. I try to go by genre, if you don't like the genre then you most likely will not like the show as much. My personal rating may differ from a review rating as I am often biased towards characters types or a genre. 

I also think little things matter in shows such as what outfit they wear, how many defining details characters get, the ending of the show, if it was rushed plot wise, and if the mood the show created fit it's genre best etc. I don't care what's wrong with the producing company or if they're running out of source material, the anime quality is what it is, no excuses.

If anyone ever has any questions for me or wants recomendations feel free to ask. :)

Now some pics from my favorite Anime (Natsume Yuujinchou, Mononoke Hime, The House of 5 Leaves, Ouran Highschool Host Club, One Piece, Mushishi, xxxHolic, and Barakamon)  :D





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PurplePeopleEater Nov 27, 2016

Hello again. 

I'm afraid I can't help much when it comes to sports anime since I've only watched a few. I know I mentioned there were some older titles that might fit your list, but a newer one that involves sports (if you count cheerleading) is Cheer Boys. I don't know if that one fits exactly, but the MC is rather timid at first and only gets involved with Cheerleading because he got injured, quit martial arts, and his friend pretty much dragged him into it. He's pretty quiet and reluctant at first but eventually breaks out. Like I said, it may not exactly fit. 

The only other sports anime (which again is not an exact fit probably) is Kuroko's basketball. I don't know if I would call him timid exactly. He is more or less a the extent most people forget he is even there. He uses that to his advantage in basketball though. He is dependent on others in a way since he depends heavily on his teammates and his partner and with their help he eventually further develops his technique and becomes stronger. He sort of becomes more independent as a player because of this. He is also honest and comes off rather innocent. 

I think your original qualifications you mentioned in the list description are pretty good. Eight to Eighteen year old naive/timid characters that are dependent on others for at least a good portion of the story and are cute would certainly describe most of the characters on your list. I don't know if kind  and honest would describe them though especially since timidness can prevent kindness and honesty and kindness it's hard to ascertain whether a character is truly kind and what kindness even is. If you are wondering if characters who develop and become stronger and more independent  should be included, I think they should as long as they match the qualifications for a good portion of the anime like half or something. Even characters with multipersonalities could be included if one of the personalities fits the qualifications.

I hope that answered your question. I'm not entirely sure it did, but maybe a little bit. I hope you are well and have a nice day or night. :)

Sharpe Nov 23, 2016

Interesting. I am getting to a point where I may need to rewatch some of the shows I started with to give them more accurate rankings. 

Ninja Scroll is currently #35 on My Ranked List. I think it is a good action anime with an interesting plot concept that I had not seen in the previous anime I had already watched at the time. Some of the characters are better than others for sure but at the time I was impressed with how constiantly good the movie was considering it came out in 93'. I was not expecting it to be so mature and have a darkish theme which is what I like. The climax was pretty kool action and I will proably rewatch this for that alone.

However some of the pacing is too fast and I would like a TV series on it. I know there is a sequel but I read it was dissapointing. Maybe I'll watch eventually but I got lots of other stuff to watch. Have you seen Ninja Scroll: The Series?

Sharpe Nov 17, 2016


I compared our lists and on the anime we share, our ratings our pretty dam close. Except for Ninja scroll... What were your thoughts on that movie?

RickNoel Oct 15, 2016

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment, I appreciate it :) My list is behind. Like...really behind. I need to do quite a bit of updating with shows I've seen and am watching.

I haven't dug into the current season too much yet. Currently I'm watching Yuri!!! on Ice, Magical Girl Raising Project, Scorching Ping Pong Girls, WWW.WAGNARIA!!, Okusama ga Seitou Kaichou! Plus!,  and of course Teekyu 8..

While not a huge selection, this gets me some action, some drama and some comedy. To round it out, I need something serious with plot (I'm unsure about how good Magical Girl Raising Project will be, even though it's absolutely gorgeous) and some romance (Okusama is good for a bit of laughs but it doesn't quite quality for me). WWW.WAGNARIA!! has been a disappointment, considering how much I loved the first cast. On the flip side, Scorching Ping Pong Girls is all the intensity of decent sports anime plus the laid-back comedy of the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things genre, making it an instant hit in my book. 

I have other shows on my radar, though I have a bad habit of never getting to all the things I want to watch. I'm interested in trying Ameiro Cocoa in Hawaii, Long Riders!, Stella no Mahou, All Out!!, San-gatsu no Lion, and Fune no Amu. Others may follow.

Stop by to chat any time!