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  • Anime's and then facfiction...what do people think about it?

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Anime's and then facfiction...what do people think about it?


So you know what's really funny? People who do fanfiction. Oh and don't worry; I totally do fanfiction. I read it - I write it - yeah. But who like...ever invented the whole fanfiction thing? For example, I write Naruto fanfiction...or used to a lot at least...but then high school happened and I didn't have time anymore. And now college. But still! 

I'm just curious as how other people view fanfiction and what they want from it. For some, it's nothing like the original story! Like at all. I mean I've read fanfictions of Naruto where they have laptops and phones and it's completely modern and it's nothing like the actual story. Then there's fanfiction like mine, and I try to stay close to the story line but just add a character of my own. So it's weird. 

What does anyone else think? Although I'm not exactly expecting responses...but it's okay! :D If there are then that would be cool! <3

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turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Aug 3, 2012

I read fanfiction but mostly for yaoi stories or anything thats interesting.

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