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Ah Nogizaka Haruka, how had it been since I first watched this series? and then had to re-watch it after learning of furthur entries of the show? Well after again veiwing this first season I think I can give my opinion.

   the story is simple and cliche' enough for an anime- boy finds out secret of girl, boy agrees to help keep said secret, boy has life complicated. yeah very cliche' story along with little sisters, teacher, and maid fetishes/cliche's 

  the Main protagonist Yutto at first doesn't want any girlfriend relationships(due to his overbearing female roommates) but that all changes when he meets Haruka, in fact he kind becomes whipped, being a nice guy and bending over backwards for her at times. Haruka herself at times annoyed me, she's just too saccharine a character. not much else happens storywise- it's very episodic without any real major antogonists. well maybe Haruka's father but that doesn't last long either. It's all about Haruka's sister and maids and Yuuto's teacher and sister watching thier relationship from the sidelines or trying to push them together. I felt like I was waiting, just waiting for something to progress with these wishy washy main characters.  

overall it's not a bad show, but it's all puppydogs and sunshine for the most part. If you're looking for a slice of life or highschool type then this would be for you.  if you're looking for a complex love story with lover's triangles, look elsewhere.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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