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Story 6

     A new transfer student, Urabe, is considered weird by Tsubaki at first, she sleeps during freetime at school instead of socializing, you can barely see her face behind her bangs (also has a hobby of toting scissors in her panties to make paper cutouts) one day Tsubaki finds Urabe asleep at her desk after school. He finds a large puddle of drool on her desk...and tastes it. through these circumstances the story evolves a little and they become a girlfriend, boyfriend duo.  I honestly came across a short synopsis of the manga version and thought WTF? no way I'd read that. Later I came across the first episode and then thought, "Oh what the hell?"

     As far as the whole drool thing goes, it's not a fetishist type thing but a very, very strange plot device to help the bond of the protagonists(though it's still a bit icky) Not an ecchi type show as I had first apprehended but simply an "out there" slice of life" theme. yeah they do swap spit, but puttng that aside it's not anything you wouldn't find in any other typical anime.

Animation 7

     fairly decent production value with the rich colors during sunset scenes, a fair amount of detail. the character designs weren't anythng too special. It almost seemed like a slightly retro look for the characters.

Sound 6

      The opening and ending themes are decent. For some strange reason the OP reminded me of the Chobits opening, they have the same feel. the voice acting is pretty done- especially whomever voiced Urabe. Her voice is strangely straightforward and just above a monotone quality giving the character a bit more depth to her overall strangeness and teaches us all a new word- PantyScissors.

Characters 6

     All the other characters have little time and we don't delve too deep with them. the number is for Tsubaki and Urabe. Tsubaki really doesn't grow too much throughout the show yet is still enternaining to watch his reactions to Urabe and Aika(not gonna spoil this). Urabe is the star of the series, that much is evident. we're almost always wondering what the hell she is thinking or her next move to show her deepening bond with Tsubaki. Also she doesn't have the high pitched, girly, fast talking voice I usually find irritating in anime.

Overall 6.5

     on technical (personally it's a 7 for me) It's a nice albeit very off skilter slice of life series. Yeah, again it's about deepening the bond with another through drool(still find it freaky) but it's not done in an overtly ecchi way and throughought the series we do see Tsubaki and Urabe grow closer in their relationship. the things not so good- other than the hilarity and oddballness(I'm talking FLCL wierdness in the first 2 episodes) there's really not too much else going on as far as subplots or side character development. Another thing is the initial premise is so out there that I and probably others are having trouble with adding this particular show into other series reccomendation list. Even though I liked it I don't know what other you could watch and also find this similar.

     all in all fairly decent series- good for  some laugh out loud moments, you may or may not actually start caring for the main characters. After watching one may wonder what the hell they just viewed. I know I did, but enjoyed this series

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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ashman711 Jul 29, 2012

Yeah, I graded it as how most average anime fans would see it.Even If I'm a huge fan of a show, I'm still gonna review it objectively.  Admittedly I was entranced from the first two episodes and agree it's going to end up one of those looked over gems that will get stumbled upon.

also forgot to mention another attention getter is the dream sequences. the ethereal animation style and the circus like music really add to the ambiance.

naejin Jul 27, 2012

I liked your review overall, but it felt that you liked it more than you actually rated it.  You know what?  I think this will likely be an under-rated anime due to its very strange & somewhat disturbing plot device, but if a person can tolerate it, they will be rewarded with both a very humorous & endearing anime.  There are some ecchi moments, but it's not too gratuitous to distract from Tsubaki & Urabe's story.