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Unbalance x 2

Story: 8

Okay, so I’m going to totally admit that when I read the synopsis, I believed I’d be reading a comedy with more focus on the ecchi side of things. Woman loses her wallet and is promptly returned by a young man only to find he took a trivial amount of money for his reward. Woman demands he pay her back. Later young man finds out this woman is his homeroom teacher and other slightly compromising incidents ensue(seriously who wouldn't think that ecchi?)

The story is pretty far from being crude or ecchi and actually has some decent drama and surprising moments, as well as the typical highschool ecchiness/ comedy. It really keeps from being just a typical cliché’ melodrama and really leaves you wondering just what is going to happen. I'd say there's more focus on the drama so it will appear to both male and female readers(sorry if that sounds sexist)

Art: 8

I’ve read quite a lot of manga and it seems pretty standard fair with well drawn characters expressing their moods and facial expressions rather convincingly.

Characters: 9

Possibly the most surprising about this series is the characters. The main characters have quite a few layers/ depth to them and with exception to one or two side characters they keep from being one dimensional. You actually sympathize or feel bad for them. Sometime even wonder what certain characters’ agendas may be. Their behavior might even surprise some- especially that of the main protagonist.

Overall: 8

I’d say while far from being perfect, this is a pretty darn good series. Exploring the relationships between the characters and the drama/ hardships/ hilarity that follows. Yes it’s vaguely ecchi with a lot of drama( I do mean a lot) I find it fairly engrossing and look forward to the conclusion(still ongoing) This manwha will probably appeal to both male and female crowd- guys for the ecchi sounding story and ladies for the dramatic storylines and character development.

8/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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mesterbot says...

I agree so much! (im male) First i thought it would be a weird ecchi anime cause of the main character like a techer, which is.. wierd, but it wasnt that ecchi, and it really felt a lot emotional. It really struck me. In the end chapters i cried. Yes! I cried! It really affected me. I would give it 9 out of 10 overall

Aug 25, 2013