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Story:Ok so with Denpa, one can have some slight misconceptions going in. We think it's gonna be about Makoto's POV about Touwa and the zany antics she gets him into. While this is mainly true, the show isn't about Touwa at all. This show mainly plays like an Indie movie/ Character study of Makoto. We don't see what caused Touwa's behaviour or what she was like before, not too much plot develoment happend and we aren't really left with a completion of the story(typical of anime though).

     In Fact Touwa's story line seems to take a back burner to Makoto as if her arc was resolved and what we get is a guy who gos from not really trying and giving up right away to being self realized and self-assured. 

 Characters:  I have to admit I really like the characters in this show. Makoto fill the role of typical male protagonist nicely with the exception that his character progresses. the female leads fill their prospective roles rather well- whilst wearing a "knowing" smile that beleaguers Makoto. they give off that sacchrine cutness without going overboard and exhibiting thier own  unique traits- Motokawa in her bluntness/cosplay, Ryuuko in her insecurties and anger of her name mispronunciation, the Aunt and her unashamed intent to embarass her nephew, then Erio who slightly starts to interact with society again(albeit like a frightened mouse.)

Sound: The voices are done well- the voice actors did well to project characters- Erio with her timidness(she actually doesn't speak much but what she does say adds a lot of depth) Ryuuko with her hyper activeness and Motokawa with her subdued voice(honestly I think she was under-used)  The OP, is one of the most unique I've heard in a while- The best way to describe the visuals+sound is if Kafka and Warhol had a child it'd be the opening to Denpa. The ending song is very cute.

all in all you're going to see more of a character study/slice of Life show. It's very dialogue heavy and not too much happens, it's rather slow paced, yet you get reeled in and the episodes fly by before you know it. Great characters, the plot while slow does have actual development for characters. Where the show is lacking is in Erio and her Mother's story, I think we all want to know what's going on there. Also I'm not sure this would fall to the HAREM genre, It's more a love triangle- while Erio and Makoto have a special relationship it's not romantic, so that leaves Motokawa & Ryuuko vying for Makoto's heart. 

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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