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First there's gonna be some spoilers so read this review after viewing 3.0

Story-  What story?!!  start out in space, blast the music to give a sense of epicness about to follow.  No epic battle follows though.  just unit 02 and Mari retrieving some "thing" which turns out to be unit 01.  okay..... 

     we then see Shinji coming to wondering just what the f*ck is going on (with the rest of us) he's on board the Wunder- basically a ship captained by Katsuragi along with a few other NERVE underlings- btw they all hate Shinji now,(Asuka actually punches the glass between them) are using the core of unit 01 to power thier ship and refuse to let him ever pilot an Eva again - they put a collar on him that'll kill him just in case he gets the urge.(later we find out he caused a near 3rd impact killing lots of humanity and covering the Earth completely red)

     Wunder is attacked by an Eva stuff happens, Shinji is back at Nerve HQ(what's left of it) He sees Rei- she's a clone, so what happened to the one he saved? we don't know.  He befriens Kaworu who in this incarnation is just as egnimatic- he seems to be the only positive character. End scenes- Shinji and Kowaru pilot together in unit 13 to get some spears outta lilith's corpse.  bad idea since that wasn't lilith but unit 6 which was an Angel.  Shinji causes a 4th impact see's Kowaru's head explode and totally loses it. 

     where's Rie?(one he saved) wtf happend in the 14 year gap? why do all the characters seem so gritty and hard assed?(imagine mid 80's DC comics gritty) what's the Curse of the Evas that keeps pilots from aging? when did Katsuragi go rogue? what are Adam's vessels- how are they different from Evas? Where are the missing characters? why is Shinji still such an Emo crybaby?(this time causing mass extinction is a good reason)

Animation and sound were alright- technically it suffers by drumming up mediocre moments or just wasting animation on things we could have done without- the whole Wunder engine startup anyone?

overall and this kills me since I'm such an Avid Evangelion fan but it gets a 3 for being more confusing than the Plot of Prometheus. Went in not expecting answers but still not expecting so many more questions. 

2/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Mantis Aug 29, 2016

I can't fathom why this sack of shit is so overrated. Though I suppose I do need to respect opinions.

endallchaos Nov 2, 2014

@ashman711, I agree with some points, but overall I enjoyed it, and I'm hoping they explain all these questions in the next movie/s. 

One thing I don't understand about people is as to why they seem to say that shinji is a whiny bitch... People who say that have most likely never gone through depression, so they talk out of there asses. Plus, who the hell wouldn't be depressed with the life that Shinji has?! He doesn't have a mother, his dad treats him like a puppet, and could care less about how he feels. Everybody is depeding on him to succeed, and failure is not acceptable. Any teen that was in his situation would be depressed, and anyone who says otherwise full of shit. 

franko446 Jun 25, 2013

I remember when i watched 2.0 i thought hmm can't wait for this to continue well they contuined it i guess if you call it that... I felt to much was unexplained and overal one of the most confusing things I've ever seen

Minai99 May 29, 2013

Oh maaaan. I appreciate that they had the courage to take the series in a new direction, but they really did bring up soooo many more questions than answers. Somehow, even though it was an hour and a half, it went by very quickly, seemingly without much happening, although Shinji's interactions with Kaworu are still basically the same as in the original Eva series. And I'm still confused about the reaction of Asuka. Saves his ass in the end anyways, after all the bitching she does about him. I couldn't tell how good the animation was, cause I watched a crappy version for now, but I can say the fourth movie has a LOT of ground to make up. Given that the first two movies were so amazing, I'm just hoping they won't just pull the next movie out of their asses, but instead take the time and give us the ending to this new reimagining of evangelion that we really deserve. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt, for now. As to this review itself, I felt like it was more a blatant recap of the episode over a real attempt at evaluating the merit of the show.  

ashman711 May 28, 2013

I wrote this review while my anger was still fresh. yes I'm still angry and confused about it. I would point out the animation and sound is great(thought over emphasized at times) One of my biggest issues is the Character development with Shinji. In the second movie he finally went from still being the biggest emo bitch in anime to finally growing a pair. this was all undone by Evangelion 3.0- not to mention why does he listen to his father(biggest A-hole in anime) at all? honestly for those who love original Eva and liked previous 2 films, there's probably not enough room to criticize the failures of 3.0