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Chances are I'm a mermaid lost in space.

Since my childhood I have been dreaming, drawing, writing, creating, songs stories, pictures.

I love music and anime, sunshine, travel, gigs and ambition.

Never give up.

My art can be found on my tumblr or dA:

I also play in a pop punk / electronic pop band called A Pocketful of Stars:

And create my own personal music which you can find here:

For a while, I have been studying Japanese and watching anime, and drawing manga in my free time.

I am currently on my 2nd year of my degree in Creative and Professional Writing & Illustration BA Joint Honours. I also completed a Higher National Certificate in Music Production last year.

Every page is part of the story.

Dream big, there's much more to it.

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tsumiki says...

Hi hi! ^_^

I like your avatar and banner picture, did you draw those? :D

Jan 13, 2015
SunshinexKite says...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a good one!

May 13, 2011
RikkuxDisaster says...

Omgz! That sounds really funnnny! I want to go around and buy random manga's! I think i will actually.

I went christmas shopping....... No i didn't! All my money has been spent on my friends too, so i have to wait u ntil i get more to buy my family something!

I convinced them it was something they had to wait for.

and yes yes yes i remember the fish mouth!

she was so cute, that whole episode was funny :D  

Dec 19, 2007
RikkuxDisaster says...

Hai! The guy with the two different colored eyes is a major freak. And the rap was...rofl interesting.

I love himeka though :C

both of them

kawaii desu ne xP

Dec 9, 2007
RikkuxDisaster says...

Yay! I've watched up to 17!

But i'll keep everything hush hush.



iloveit. <3

Dec 3, 2007