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All You Need Is Kill

Jun 10, 2014

All You Need Is Kill

Some stories are good,some are good for relaxation,some try to mix the first two,but the masterpiece will always be the one that abides by its principles.Plain effiecient.

There couldnt have been a better story involving time conundrum,war,mecha,some elements of a love story with a good twist and ending.The story itself is refreshingly unique and the elements of time loop are explained well.The story keeps the details to minimum about the settings,backgrounds etc.It would be little better if it had been elaborated,but it doesnt diminish the beauty of the story in any way.Overall the manga is quite short,could have been a little longer,but a masterpiece.

The Art is amazing.The protagonist is similar to Light from Death note(same illustrator),and you get that familiar rise of heartbeat as the story progresses to its climax.The details done on the rest of the cast,Rita,the battle scenes are all very vivid.

The characters just get stuck in you.I just loved each and every one of them.Keiji is just like Light from Death Note minus the delusion,analytical,sharp,his growth is potrayed very subtly,there isnt much of those 'war hero' moments,i dont hate them it just derails the seriousness of every war movie/anime/maga. Rita is amazing,i just loved the way her character comes into the story ,the cutesy side to her,the feeling she finally gets to share with Keiji,the ultimate soldier.

Overall I would kill to have a sequel,but the story is just perfect,no unnecessary drama,just plain effecient story.If Only the Hollywood adaptation would stick to the original it would be worth dying for.

9.5/10 story
9.5/10 art
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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