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My anime odyssey began May 2008. Friend of mine gave me a few eps of Elfen Lied. I din't know it back then, but now I know he was giving me a drug. So now I am hooked thanks to my friend. ^^ I love anime for beautiful stories, originality and emotions. Western movies and shows are a bit dull these days, but still I do enjoy some classics (mainly hong kong action movies - Jackie! , good sci-fi - Space Odyssey). Anime has replaced modern live action movies for me and I am glad it has.

I still consider books to be the best medium for telling a story. I am a bit sad about the young generation who generally doesn't know what a good book has to offer. SF & F is my genre of choice (Asimov, Sapkowski, Card, Herbert etc.), but I enjoy a book of any genre if it is good (Murakami etc.). I especially like classics written or translated to old English and Nordic sagas and poetry (viking mythology, yay!). Plus occasional haiku (Basho, Santoka, Issa).

I love music. There are quite a few anime OSTs I have in my collection, Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura being my favourite composers. Sakamoto Ryuichi is my non-anime choice (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). I hate confining myself to one genre, but most of the bands I listen to play metal (to name a few : Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Amon Amarth...). I still think that a live performance of Bard's Song by Blind Guardian (check it on youtube) is the ultimate musical experience ^^.

As for the anime, I can watch pretty much anything, only ecchi isn't on the top of my list. I love philosophical stuff and good action shows. My rating system is a bit askew, 3 stars means a show I have enjoyed. I have done this in order to distinguish between the very best (4 and 5 stars). If you have any recs, I would love to hear them!



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ukato Sep 15, 2009

Hey my friend, and no im not dead yet - im back!! XD

Yeah, i just finished my exams which ive been prep-ing alot for during the past month,  hence i didnt have time to be on the internet or watch anime T.T

But yeah, im done now (for now) and so - here i am!!! XD

Yeah, i wrote a lil blog about it so if you got some random free time you could go take at look ^^

So yeah, hows life been with you? The last time i remember us talking about was uni life but i dont remember what we concluded. Lol.

Anyways, i notice that you added quite a bit to your bio. Looking great! I love how you called it a drug. Lol, totally agree.

And hey, u like Jackie Chan too. Great stuff. Do u know Tony Jar - he's like the Thailand Jackie Chan + Bruce Lee + Jet Li on steriods!!! That guys fricken amazing!!! He's got 3 movies out ( i think) but i dunno the english names coz i saw them in Chinese. But i think you could probably google Tony Jar and find them.

Oh! and was it you who introduced me to the greatness of Bard's Song? Lol, its been so long since ive been on, i cant even remember.. soz!!!

What was your avatar before? I cant seem to remember exactly...

And how do u like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Right now im watching this currently-airing show called Needless and lots of ppl on the net are comparing it to TTGL for its spatic-ness you if you like TTGL go check it out too~

Well, cya around real soon buddy!!! XD

Funkgun Sep 14, 2009

Happens to us all. Sometimes some shows are even great longer than ten minutes and it still goes bad.

I see you have a list of best fight  Choreography. Those all have tight moves.

Have you checked out Sword of the Stranger yet?

KargothTheDark Sep 13, 2009

No need to thank me man :) I just gave you a short list of bands that I listen to.

KargothTheDark Sep 12, 2009

yeah, scandinavia have a lot of great metal bands. I haven't heard Sabaton singing that song in front of a polish audience, but I can imagine how they lift up the entire place with that song.

My favourite bands are mostly powermetal, but hey, that's what we're talking about XDMy recomendations are, if you haven't already heard them

Iced EarthKissPaul StanleyHammerFallGaladrielBlackmore's NightDragonForceDemons & WizardsPyramaze

Surth Sep 12, 2009

Il be sure to send you some beta on the manga when we gegin. :)