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My anime odyssey began May 2008. Friend of mine gave me a few eps of Elfen Lied. I din't know it back then, but now I know he was giving me a drug. So now I am hooked thanks to my friend. ^^ I love anime for beautiful stories, originality and emotions. Western movies and shows are a bit dull these days, but still I do enjoy some classics (mainly hong kong action movies - Jackie! , good sci-fi - Space Odyssey). Anime has replaced modern live action movies for me and I am glad it has.

I still consider books to be the best medium for telling a story. I am a bit sad about the young generation who generally doesn't know what a good book has to offer. SF & F is my genre of choice (Asimov, Sapkowski, Card, Herbert etc.), but I enjoy a book of any genre if it is good (Murakami etc.). I especially like classics written or translated to old English and Nordic sagas and poetry (viking mythology, yay!). Plus occasional haiku (Basho, Santoka, Issa).

I love music. There are quite a few anime OSTs I have in my collection, Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura being my favourite composers. Sakamoto Ryuichi is my non-anime choice (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). I hate confining myself to one genre, but most of the bands I listen to play metal (to name a few : Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Amon Amarth...). I still think that a live performance of Bard's Song by Blind Guardian (check it on youtube) is the ultimate musical experience ^^.

As for the anime, I can watch pretty much anything, only ecchi isn't on the top of my list. I love philosophical stuff and good action shows. My rating system is a bit askew, 3 stars means a show I have enjoyed. I have done this in order to distinguish between the very best (4 and 5 stars). If you have any recs, I would love to hear them!



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ukato Sep 18, 2009

Hey again

Yeah, i dont like streaming stuff either. But i like keeping all the series that i have on my hd just so i can go and look at them and go "wow... i love anime <3" from time to time, lol. Oh and plus i can give them to my mates as well. Coz yeah, the internet here in New Zealand is SERIOUSLY terrible. We get like, 250kilobytes per second usually and thats if everything is going good. I get 40gbs of data to use per month for the price of NZ$100 (im not sure what this value is in your currency, soz). But yeah, the technology here in NZ is shitting terrble. Its like a 3rd world country's except that in 3rd world countries, they realise their tech and lifestyles are unfortunate. Here, our previous prime minister was like thinking that the tech here is up to international standards, and me and my mates were like "... phhfff! yeah right... does she even use the internet? >.<"

Same here - i dont normally/ever re-watch stuff. Or re-read stuff actually. haha.

Yeah, like that song said: "you dont know what you've got until its gone.." So sad but true, coz thats just the way ppl are =S


ukato Sep 18, 2009


Whats BC stand for? B for Bachelor? but then whats the c...?

Wow, PhD, nice ^^ Good luck with that

Yeah, i just saw the site info on the home page about the clubs. I saw your post in the forum in fact. I was like "ZOMG! its aritend!!!" lol ^.^

Oh yeah, i just noticed that your current watching list, although contains few series than mine, are all completed ones, while mine are mostly all still airing, so you've still got quite a stockpile to go through aye ^^

Lain sounds better and better every person/site i ask. Ill prob download it this weekend or i might stream it. Hey by the way, do you download and store all your anime or do you just stream it? Atm ive got 580gbs of anime on my harddrive but id like more XD I know this guy on A-P here who's got like.. 2600gbs i think? yeah, sumthing phenomenal like that ^^

Yeah, about school with no exams/actual studying/work, like today and yesterday - it was brilliant!! So sweet just to chat with mates and fool around and stuff. Meaningless, but fun ^.^ So yeah, today actually i was slightly sad that the weekend was already here (lol cant believe i just that) coz id enjoy going to school again today and etc just to hang out with mates and stuff ^^

Yeah, i think it was you who said to me that school life is the best time in your life even if i dont realise it now (it was you aye?)

Cya later!

ukato Sep 17, 2009

Hey there!

Thanks, ill study hard again when those uni intrance ones come along (... T.T) lol

Hey, btw, i see from your bio you're 20, so im assuming you're in uni. What degree/qualification are you doing again? (im terrbily sorry, but im SURE you've told me before but seriously - i cant remember. Sorry!! ^.^)

Oh seriously!? Is A-P gonna start some "club" function? Coz i heard from someone else on here, to go vote in the forums to support the starting of a Juuden-chan cult. lol. Im guessing that has some slight relevance to the new clubs that are being formed?? ^^

Definitely need to make one for OSTs XD

Cool about TTGL - lemme know how you like it when you're done/seen more. (remember, i got LOTS of good free time for at least about 3 weeks, XD)

OH btw, i just started watching Bakemonogatari today/tonight/right now actually (lol)

Its quite interesting. Kinda slow paced, but nice in a diff sorta way. Have you heard of it? i know its not on your watching list.

Oh and i saw that you're watching Serial Experiments Lain! My mate has recommended this to me so many times - what's your perspective on it? Mint or lint? (lol ^^) And hows the gory factor in it? I know its a real mindfuck and i like those too, but id prefer not too much gore coz thats not mindfuck, just eyefuck imo... :)

Well, gonna watch some more Bakemonogatari and then bed (still got school tomorrow AND next week - what the heck!!! we've already done the school exams!!! XS)


ukato Sep 16, 2009

Hey aritend, i just remembered - you had that avatar of Berserk before aye?? Lol, ive been offline for so long i cant even remember stuff now... ^^