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My anime odyssey began May 2008. Friend of mine gave me a few eps of Elfen Lied. I din't know it back then, but now I know he was giving me a drug. So now I am hooked thanks to my friend. ^^ I love anime for beautiful stories, originality and emotions. Western movies and shows are a bit dull these days, but still I do enjoy some classics (mainly hong kong action movies - Jackie! , good sci-fi - Space Odyssey). Anime has replaced modern live action movies for me and I am glad it has.

I still consider books to be the best medium for telling a story. I am a bit sad about the young generation who generally doesn't know what a good book has to offer. SF & F is my genre of choice (Asimov, Sapkowski, Card, Herbert etc.), but I enjoy a book of any genre if it is good (Murakami etc.). I especially like classics written or translated to old English and Nordic sagas and poetry (viking mythology, yay!). Plus occasional haiku (Basho, Santoka, Issa).

I love music. There are quite a few anime OSTs I have in my collection, Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura being my favourite composers. Sakamoto Ryuichi is my non-anime choice (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). I hate confining myself to one genre, but most of the bands I listen to play metal (to name a few : Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Amon Amarth...). I still think that a live performance of Bard's Song by Blind Guardian (check it on youtube) is the ultimate musical experience ^^.

As for the anime, I can watch pretty much anything, only ecchi isn't on the top of my list. I love philosophical stuff and good action shows. My rating system is a bit askew, 3 stars means a show I have enjoyed. I have done this in order to distinguish between the very best (4 and 5 stars). If you have any recs, I would love to hear them!



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ukato avatar ukato


Jul 1, 2009

Hey soz for not replying for like 2 weeks or something, I was caught up in some damn exams (again) that i just finished today. And yeah, its kinda late right here where i am so i will write a proper reponse to you later tomorrow after ive caught some sleep. but YAY!! after 2 more days, i will be on my 2 week holiday XD. So yeah, lots more time to talk then... (hopefully :)

CYa tomorrow~!

ukato avatar ukato


Jun 18, 2009

HEy! Soz for replying so late, i had some tests for school up til now ( and i got one next week and the week after too, but for now... ANIME!!!XD lolz)

Anyways, WOW you love anime OSTs tooo! SWEEEEEEET!!!

But who's Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno>? Im dunno much of about the actual artists, i only know when i love the song xD

But yeah , i recently added to my profile a lil list of songs i REALLY loved (from anime intros and outros). You like any of them too? And do you have any really awesome one to recommned? On that note, i actually watched most of the first season of Shakugan no Shana just because of the epic intro!!! XD Yeah, i didnt actually like the show that much (did you?) but the intro was just too awesome that i think i *kinda* liked the show.. :)

Well talk to you laterz~

- ukato


BrinkofTime avatar BrinkofTime


Jun 6, 2009

You can find all my currently released music at my webite here:


default avatar PanOdai


Feb 9, 2009

Zdravím, díky za komentář.

btw.: Také máš pěkný seznam, dost z toho co jsem neviděl a ty ano mám dostahováno a chytám se na to :D

forbi avatar forbi


Jan 30, 2009

Hoj, až budeš mít po zkouškách, tak bysme se mohli konečně dokopat k nějakýmu aniFestu.Co ty na to? :P


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