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My anime odyssey began May 2008. Friend of mine gave me a few eps of Elfen Lied. I din't know it back then, but now I know he was giving me a drug. So now I am hooked thanks to my friend. ^^ I love anime for beautiful stories, originality and emotions. Western movies and shows are a bit dull these days, but still I do enjoy some classics (mainly hong kong action movies - Jackie! , good sci-fi - Space Odyssey). Anime has replaced modern live action movies for me and I am glad it has.

I still consider books to be the best medium for telling a story. I am a bit sad about the young generation who generally doesn't know what a good book has to offer. SF & F is my genre of choice (Asimov, Sapkowski, Card, Herbert etc.), but I enjoy a book of any genre if it is good (Murakami etc.). I especially like classics written or translated to old English and Nordic sagas and poetry (viking mythology, yay!). Plus occasional haiku (Basho, Santoka, Issa).

I love music. There are quite a few anime OSTs I have in my collection, Yoko Kanno and Yuki Kajiura being my favourite composers. Sakamoto Ryuichi is my non-anime choice (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence). I hate confining myself to one genre, but most of the bands I listen to play metal (to name a few : Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Amon Amarth...). I still think that a live performance of Bard's Song by Blind Guardian (check it on youtube) is the ultimate musical experience ^^.

As for the anime, I can watch pretty much anything, only ecchi isn't on the top of my list. I love philosophical stuff and good action shows. My rating system is a bit askew, 3 stars means a show I have enjoyed. I have done this in order to distinguish between the very best (4 and 5 stars). If you have any recs, I would love to hear them!



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hack89 says...

I had forgotten the name of that anime and I have been searching for it a long time now,  thank you so much :D

Aug 11, 2009
Torisek says...

Jeste nemam kompletni seznam ale urcite dekuju. Momentalne neni moc casu :)

Jul 28, 2009
SpawnVonRipper says...

No problem really ^^'And so if you start with Lain its just going heads up! xD its an Hardcore anime really! But plz watch it with an open mind and focusing while at it because the story and the characters develop in a complex way! But I can assure that you'll like it for sure...its a pure classic! ^^so when you finish it or start it tell me something kay?See ya

Jul 27, 2009
ukato says...

Hey again~!!

Nah, unfortunately, i dont know any other awesome anti-hero shows like DN or CG either !! T.T

Yeah, about school , whenever i look back at past years, im always like: "Damn, that was cool/fun.. XD"

But yeah, its NOT so cool when you've got to do damn studying... Just like i should be doing now, lol.

Well, back to studying i go~! (btw, do you get more free time during uni, or is it even more insane academic-wise? Coz ive always gotten the impression, from movies and tv shows and stuff, than university students got so much more time on their hands to do their hobbies or enter competitions and yadee yadee yadee... - personally i reckon its all a big hoax, but i do HOPE that i do get some spare time in university - im going next year, btw)


Jul 25, 2009
alykay93 says...


Yeah I love spirited away it's amazing i loved it ^_^.

No I don't know many others even if you have any recs I'd love to hear them.

I'll look into grave of the fireflies even if it is sad haha. I'm also interested in watching howl's moving castle so yeah haha.

Sorry I'm pretty tired right now xD.

Jul 25, 2009