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Spice and Wolf II

Oct 10, 2009

Spice and Wolf II

This is what a sequel should be like. Embracing all that is good about the show and advancing the best parts. Spice and Wolf is back with all the witty lines you can take!

I am always happy when I find an anime with medieval setting that doesn't indulge itself in too many "magical things". Moreover exploring the life of a merchant might is as much fun as that of a knight. There are a few clever plots which keep you attention, but the center part of the show is still the relationship between Horo and Lawrence. And it is written really well, a bit deeper than in the first season. It is just the right combination of "spicy" comments and insights into our own lives. Even though I am not a huge fun of love oriented anime, I can't help myself but adore Spice and Wolf.

Visuals are crisp and clear. Character design is excellent and although it relies on a lot of stills, its drawing style is enjoyable. Music is on par with the beautiful atmosphere created by the dialog of Horo and Lawrence (but there won't ever be something as cute as the ED of the first season ^^).

Spice and Wolf is not a thing you watch for visuals or action, but if you are in a mood for a good dialog with a bit of "spice", there is no other show like this one.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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ThePatches Oct 10, 2009

I thought the first arc was a little irritating with its primary focus on LeLawrence. Not only did we miss Horo, but Jun seemed to phone in his performance on the front half of the season, only returning to form when he was fencing with his cleverdere.

Overall, though, I think you nailed the assessment. This show continues to be 8/10 quality despite the middling visuals. ;)