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Barefoot Gen

Oct 4, 2009

Barefoot Gen

It is sad and I mean "Grave of the fireflies"-like sad and beautiful at the same time. There is nothing more you might want from an anti-war movie, sweet child caught amids the terrors of human stupidity.

Barefoot Gen takes us on a tour through devastated Hiroshima, making a clear point of Japan unnecessarily prolonging the war and USA being to much eager to show off their power. I know we are unable to question decisions made in a time we did not live in, but still it is good to know what should not be repeated. And such things are best shown through the eyes of a child, which is exactly what Barefoot Gen does.

Considering the age of this movie, visuals are still good enough to send the message they were supposed to, creating a pretty strong experience through some quite explicit content.

Watch it, remember it and be prepared to shed a tear.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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9/10 overall
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Omurqi Oct 10, 2009

Heard plenty of good things about Gen, but this made me WTW it at last. Grave of the Fireflies-sad? Really? 0_o

Ace reviews, keep it up!