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about me

hello minna-san!

I study soil science and biology at university.

I love drawing and writing and swimming!

I used to spend all my time on fantasy books and movies,classic novels and such!my love for fantasy has always been with me and always will be.

few years ago I turned into a big fan of anime.now its a necessary part of my life.now that I think about it I always loved anime but I was small and I had no idea what I like to watch is called anime!!!I also realy love japan's culture and I hope oneday I will get to go to this country.

well what more...oh yes I'm a vampire fan !I just love these creatures for so many reasons.looking at the full moon always gives me a comfortable and nice feelling .oh and I shouldnt forget this one too.I'm into shounen ai and yaoi!I cant get enough of it.yupp I'm one of those crazy yaoi fangirls.

by the way I forgot to add this.I realy care about nature and I love animals.I realy try to protect our mother of earth with all I can and I hate those who never care about the mother who is giving them everything and takes nothing in return.

at the end my family and my friends are very important to me.I hope I would be able to always keep them happy .

forgive any grammer errors.english is my second language,ne!

FAVORITE MUSSIC:Anime ost,Linkin park,Evanescence,My chemical romance,Avril,ATB,Within temptation,...

FAVORITE MOVIES:The Lord Of The Rings,Chocolate,Sleepy Hollow,The Mummy,Pirates of caribbean,Underworld,Memories of a Geisha,The Last Samurai,Silent Hill,Volcono High,Constantine,Haryy potter,Phantom of the Opera,....

FAVORITE BOOKS:The Lord of The Rings,Silmarilion,Hobbit,Harry Potter,Dear Enemy,The Counte Monte Cristo,Isac Asimof works,Jean Eyre,Deltora Quest,Howl's moving castle,Sabriel,The Persian Boy,Demonata serie,...

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cameronanimeangel avatar cameronanimeangel


Jun 16, 2008

Hey there, sorry I don't check this much unless someone leaves me a message. I'm more on the forums than the main page. I appreciat that you stoped by, drop me a line next time.

Have a great ANIME DAY.

kenshina avatar kenshina

Great Signature!

May 30, 2008

Woah!  I really like your signature o_o

Sadly, I can't see it while I am typing this =/

ItoshiiYoma avatar ItoshiiYoma

Thanks! ^_^

May 13, 2008

omfg r u kidding!

i LOVE fanfic! ESP naruto!

i've sworn to myself to start writing this sum

itoshii-youkai is the name!!!


skye456 avatar skye456


May 11, 2008

Mmm, the manga was better. ((I have the manga, so yeah xD. And since I was uploading it I get a lot of messages about the anime))

And yeah, I have my final exams next week =/, but I think I'll do okay on them.

ItoshiiYoma avatar ItoshiiYoma


May 5, 2008

omg i love ur pic!

which anime did u get it from!? 

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