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about me

hello minna-san!

I study soil science and biology at university.

I love drawing and writing and swimming!

I used to spend all my time on fantasy books and movies,classic novels and such!my love for fantasy has always been with me and always will be.

few years ago I turned into a big fan of anime.now its a necessary part of my life.now that I think about it I always loved anime but I was small and I had no idea what I like to watch is called anime!!!I also realy love japan's culture and I hope oneday I will get to go to this country.

well what more...oh yes I'm a vampire fan !I just love these creatures for so many reasons.looking at the full moon always gives me a comfortable and nice feelling .oh and I shouldnt forget this one too.I'm into shounen ai and yaoi!I cant get enough of it.yupp I'm one of those crazy yaoi fangirls.

by the way I forgot to add this.I realy care about nature and I love animals.I realy try to protect our mother of earth with all I can and I hate those who never care about the mother who is giving them everything and takes nothing in return.

at the end my family and my friends are very important to me.I hope I would be able to always keep them happy .

forgive any grammer errors.english is my second language,ne!

FAVORITE MUSSIC:Anime ost,Linkin park,Evanescence,My chemical romance,Avril,ATB,Within temptation,...

FAVORITE MOVIES:The Lord Of The Rings,Chocolate,Sleepy Hollow,The Mummy,Pirates of caribbean,Underworld,Memories of a Geisha,The Last Samurai,Silent Hill,Volcono High,Constantine,Haryy potter,Phantom of the Opera,....

FAVORITE BOOKS:The Lord of The Rings,Silmarilion,Hobbit,Harry Potter,Dear Enemy,The Counte Monte Cristo,Isac Asimof works,Jean Eyre,Deltora Quest,Howl's moving castle,Sabriel,The Persian Boy,Demonata serie,...

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KoRnMAN711 avatar KoRnMAN711


Apr 27, 2008

ok well i remember you asking to be updated if i found any vampire ish animes. Well i just bumped into Rosario to Vampire and noticed it is supposed to have vampires in it. im not to sure about much of the story past that or the quailty of the anime. i just figured at the very least i'd mention it to you. ok well im off take it easy

Migandas avatar Migandas


Apr 25, 2008

Another vampire anime! ( Damn there are a lot of these.... :P )


I do not know if you will like it though... I also watched trough your want to watch list, and I saw Ai Yori Aoshi in it... I am sure, since you did not like Love Hina, that you wont like Ai Yori Aoshi eighter... Just so that you know. ;)

Oh... I think you will also like this one:


It is a pure fantasy anime where the characters have some sort of super powers. I think it is a little like Kiba or s-CRY-ed. Maybe a little like D.Gray-man as well... 

skye456 avatar skye456


Apr 23, 2008

Why hello my dear!~  How have you been?

default avatar Kojema

You Rock!

Apr 22, 2008

OI, how's it going nee-chan? Aren't we all family in a way?

Anyways, I see you found me, you damn bat. lol. But Wolfs are better, As a Fantasy lover you should know that Wovles and Dragons pawn more then Vamps. o_o.

PS: Harm my nakama and you'll die. Yes damn it I'm a OP fan through and through,

jenina avatar jenina


Apr 22, 2008

Hallo yes i have seen Kire papa and  Ikoku Irokoi Romantan they are good for schonenai animes. Yes your so right about why I.I.R why not viewfinder or Grimson spell >>> i love to see viewfinder ( big fan of this) oooooo yes ..lol ^^

Manga's from Hack and DP are very good.  I read many from them but i always look first > who is the mangaka and download >  is it no good i delete it and do i love it > it stays on my harddrive. I have collections sort by mangaka not by manga. ( I have many ( 50 ^^:: ) mangaka's that i follow )Yamane is one of my biggest maps i have everything i think well i ...hope ..^^: o and ofcourse genres shojo -  shonen -  shonenai - yaoi. A good manga is one with a good story and pretty artwork. But sometimes  i download and with just one look i delete it >>  i hate yaoi manga's without a story and only sex... bah >_< my favorietes   Totally Captivated its very good or the summit,  let dai (shonenai), model(shojo) ( they are not from yamane , higuri or nitta of minase my favoriete mangaka's)

I understand that you have to study my son has examens this week and he  has also to learn/ study ( sorry for my bad english i think i have to go back to school . haha ^^ (LOL)

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