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I'm your typical nerd: pizza deliverying, anime watching, college student, and a total geek when it comes to numbers. I'm also fan of guitar and piano, and thusly, sully their good names with my horrible attempts to produce something along the lines of music. Recently, I've entered into the stage of Otaku-ness know as cosplaying.

My favorite animes are comedy, romance. I also enjoy a good drama or action/adventure, and sometimes even a little mystery. When I do come to these more serious animes I tend to be very picky about my villians. If depth and justification is too much to ask for then I'll just stick to rewatching Code Geass over and over...

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Tarinsa says...

I' more!!

Jan 4, 2009
Tarinsa says...

You caught up o__o

Jan 3, 2009
Tarinsa says...

I'm winning :)

Oct 23, 2008
Tarinsa says...

Moshi Moshi!!

Oct 20, 2008