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I started watching anime on YTV in the 90's when they were airing DragonBall, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. After that I was pretty much hooked. I didn't start watching subbed anime until about 6 years ago, and I spent one summer just watching series after series (needless to say that was before I started working!).I don't really have a favourite style of anime, it's pretty varied and seems to change with my mood.

I like listening to japanese music, including songs from anime, games, jrock, and jpop. I usually listen to the music on Animenfo Radio (, it's a really good site with friendly people, check it out ^_^.

I love playing video games and my current favourites are :

If you are on xbox live, feel free to add me!(just let me know where you're from), my gamertag is: archergirl2000

Hmm what else can I say....I have 4 pets: 2 guinea pigs named Hazel and Cali a fish named Ulyssess and a my chocolate lab Lex (I'm waiting on buying a Lois and clark)

Another hobby of mine is cosplaying, I've been going to anime conventions since 2003 and started cosplaying in 2005. There are two big conventions I usually attend every year: Anime North and Fanexpo. I love the attention you get when you cosplay and it's always fun to meet up with other cosplayers from the same series.

Well that's pretty much it, thanks for looking ^_^

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Hellsatins Feb 26, 2008

RAWR! *glomp* hi... y'know... sometimes i wish i cud just type in "eat" to the confirmation thing and have it go through o_o...

Tomikohara Feb 23, 2008

Hello Hello! What an adorable icon you have there =)

Hahah well I guess that makes two of us XD. I dunno why I watch certain shows until the end... maybe I think that they might eventually get better and be worth the agony (but they're usually not -_-) I also can't stand when they randomly add non-human-speaking creatures in shows for no purpose but to be cute and get in the way of atleast 1/3rd of the series, when they're infact usually fugly and very annoying >_> 

Freewind Feb 23, 2008

Roxxors, welcome to teh planet of teh animes.  Enjoy your stay here...i'll be harrassing you often on here.