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My rating system


I'm posting this mostly for personal reference:

5 stars: My absolute FAVORITE! Should only apply to a small handful of anime I've watched. If I accumulate too many in this category, I will need to re-rate some down.

4.5 stars: Awesome! There's just something special about it. I would almost put it in the 5 star category, but I'm reserving 5 stars for absolute favorites.

4 stars: Just short of awesome. There is still something special about it, but not teetering on the edge of 5 stars.

3.5 stars: I really liked it! A solid, very enjoyable anime.

3 stars: I liked it. Still a solid choice but not as entertaining as 3.5 stars.

2.5 stars: Meh. I enjoyed watching it but it didn't make any big impression on me. Lots of parts bored me.

2 stars: Dislike. It wasn't a complete waste of time but it left a negative impression on me.

1.5 stars: Blech! The anime kind of pisses me off. It was a waste of time to see it, although there are a couple redeeming features (e.g. good animation, unique plot, successful comedy scenes) that make it better than 1 star.

1 star: Yuck. I consider it close to worthless, although there is at least one redeeming quality that keeps me from rating it 0.5 stars.

0.5 stars: Complete piece of trash. It added less than nothing to my life. I haven't rated anything in this category yet, and hopefully never will -- I mean, it's not like I go around seeking terrible anime to watch.

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