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My name is Marc, I first realized that animes could be a philosophical and profound experience when I watched "Serial Experiments:Lain". It may be the abstract form of Japanese animation which leads one back to times in which artists were using black-and-white images as a way of expressing the world without showing the way we daily see it, and therefore forcing the view on life itself.

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Tessa May 18, 2008

Well, the author did continued the story. The manga isstill ongoing^^. I recomand it to you if you have no pacience of waiting for the second season witch will probably not come, just like second season for Fruits Basket. >.< Thank God that the manga existed xD.

I'm glad you did good on your exam and thanx for the good wishes ^^. 

Tessa May 15, 2008

I'm glad you enjoyed this anime. When You'll have the time I recomand to you to read the manga as well. It's verry good ^^.

Hachi is my favorite charachter ever. She makes mistakes, so what, she's still lovely and realistic. yes, in life people do make mistakes, and a lot of them lol XD.

I hope you'll do good at you're university. I'm going to one as well next year ^^.

Bye! Bye! :)  

Tessa May 14, 2008

Wow, you read my post about Nana, I thought nobody did that, sice I didn't get any replay XD.

I hope you'll enjoy this anime as much as i did :) .

See you! >.O 

Nocturnalgloria May 13, 2008

 Thanks for your kind comment. Being a literature student, I obviously take a great interest in Fernando Pessoa and it is always very nice to meet a foreigner who appreciates his work. By the way, did you visit the small square that is right in front of Pessoa's house, when you visited Lisbon? It is a site that most tourists miss as it is not particularly grand but you might find it interesting, especially since the poet refers to it in one of his poems. I cannot quite precise which, though. 

 I actually am watching "Ghost Hound", I agree that it sends off very Lain-like vibes. I would have written a recommendation but I usually like to finish an anime before doing that. Speaking of Lain, The Portrait of Petit Cossette is also a bizarre exercise of extreme visuals set against a very brooding and dark atmosphere, you might like it.

ahuman May 12, 2008

Thanks for the comment. The YKK manga is pretty easy to find online, and I remember the first time I read it, I ended up going through all 12 years worth in one sitting. Took about 6 hours. =P The OVAs are just a couple chapters worth of it.

And as for the profile image, yes, it's a crop from one of the Haibane Renmei artbooks. =)