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My name is Marc, I first realized that animes could be a philosophical and profound experience when I watched "Serial Experiments:Lain". It may be the abstract form of Japanese animation which leads one back to times in which artists were using black-and-white images as a way of expressing the world without showing the way we daily see it, and therefore forcing the view on life itself.

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Nocturnalgloria says...

Hi there, sorry for the terrible delay. School has been somewhat hectic. I would expect Bergman to be popular with cinema students since his movies are so cutting edge. Even after all those years they remain fresh, original and with an appeal that reaches everyone who likes more than just entertainment to their media. I have been looking forward to watching "Vargtimmen" for quite a while now as I am a fan of horror movies and it is very rare to find an effort within the genre that has an intellectual approach.

 I agree wholeheartedly that being a creative individual has a downside to it. One's vision is very often either misunderstood or taken as too "conceited". As far as I can tell, it is better to attempt something ambitious even if the final result is not perfect than to simply produce an average but well rounded creation. At the end of the day it is best to go with one's gut instinct rather than pay too much attention to other people's opinions. It is impossible to please everyone and trying to compromise usually results in failure anyway.

 I would love to watch your movie, the philosophical motivations behind it already make it seem like something truly promising. This summer I will try to get as much done on my novel as I can. I find that a lot of times the most creative moments happen when I am not actually writing but thinking and planning ahead. And then I spend hours staring at the screen without being able to write anything.

 I am glad that you are giving "Evangelion" a chance, it takes some time to pick up its pace as far as a message goes but the end is brilliant as are the movies in their own way.

Take care!


Jun 27, 2008
Nocturnalgloria says...

 I love Bergman as well. I have not seen all of his work but every movie of his that I did watch has greatly impressed me. Especially "Persona" and the "The Seventh Seal". More recently I bought "The Virgin Spring" on DVD, it was something of a blind purchase but so worth it. Amazing imagery and intense in every possible way. I also adored "Saraband" although it was very different from "classic" Bergman, for lack of a better word, but I am a huge fan of Bach and this movie captures the essence of Bach's music in a simply flawless manner. And now I really must check out Tarkovsky.

 "Evangelion" does start out as a somewhat average mecha show but it becomes much more than that as it progresses. The final two episodes simply do away with any narrative and focus exclusively on the mental state of Shinji. There is hardly any animation but a lot of vivid image sets coupled with inner monologues/dialogues that are very much like "Lain". Perhaps less philosophical but deep in many ways. "Evangelion" is pure emotional deconstruction.

 I would love to watch some of your work, it seems like something that I would greatly appreciate. It is exceedingly rare to meet someone with such a creative vision!

take care,


ps- am I the only one who considered typing that anime is something I eat? It feels so tempting.

Jun 5, 2008
Nocturnalgloria says...

 Sorry for the delay, I had a million and one things to do. I think that you might like "Evangelion" yourself. It takes a while to develop its darker and complex nature (unlike "Lain" that is a mind trip from the word go) but once it starts to become serious it turns into one of the most meaningful works of art I have ever seen. Unfortunately it suffers from a lot of hype from which "Lain" is exempt. I always had the impression that "serious" literature students are hard to come by and there is a certain tendency to be very pessimist about things in general in such circles. So that writing anything of a deeper nature seems rather useless an effort as far they are concerned. I think that if the literary scene is all but dead nowadays (at least I cannot seem to find any contemporary works that inspire me in the same way as, say, Pessoa) then it is up to one to do something about it instead of pining for "the good old days."

Is there any particular reason why you would like to shoot in the Bolivian border? And by the way, who are your favourite directors? I keep telling myself that I should learn about the subject but something or other always gets in the way.

Tell me what you think about "Millenium Actress" once you get a chance of seeing it, I'm curious to see what you make of it.

May 28, 2008
Nocturnalgloria says...

 I will have to hunt for my pictures, I know that I have them somehwere, it is only a matter of finding them. Speaking of "Lain", I have been toying with the idea of writing a comparative essay between "Lain" and "Evangelion" for quite a while. I should get around to getting it done after I rewatch both titles as I am planning to do in the near future.

 I am glad that you are interested in my novel, I do need to get it copyrighted. Doing away with the limitations of a too narrative driven plot allows me to write chapters in an order that is not quite chronological. This has plenty of advantages as it allows me to develop different moments at the same and tweak them as I go along.

Oh, since you love cinema so much you should really watch "Millenium Actress" if you have not done it yet. It blends fiction with reality in a highly original way. I am pretty sure that you would enjoy most (if not all) of Satoshi Kon's works.

May 20, 2008
Nocturnalgloria says...

 I have plenty of pictures that I took around town, I'd be glad to share them with you. Apart from those that cover the downtown area which Pessoa so loved I also have pictures of the Medieval castle that overlooks the city. "Nana" is a priority in my "to watch" list as I have heard a lot of praise regarding it and having skimmed the manga found it very interesting.

 My novel is a rather pretentious piece of literature about a not quite human genius and the people he meets along the way. It is set in a deliberately anachronical world that is a composite of late 19th century England and what could very well be our day and age. It is almost free of plot although there a story does develop along the way. It is basically a character study more than anything else, though.

May 18, 2008