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My name is Marc, I first realized that animes could be a philosophical and profound experience when I watched "Serial Experiments:Lain". It may be the abstract form of Japanese animation which leads one back to times in which artists were using black-and-white images as a way of expressing the world without showing the way we daily see it, and therefore forcing the view on life itself.

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Nocturnalgloria Nov 25, 2008

Hi there! I failed to see to see your comment, shame on me. I will check out Manoel de Oliveira movie you told me about. Speaking of which, I don't know if you know about the art publishers "Tashen" (http://www.taschen.com/). I subscribe to their magazine and the last issue has a few selections of one of Bergman's essay on how he perceives cinema and his own creations. I have yet to read it but I'm sure it will be interesting. If you'd like I can type it when I have some time and send it to you.

This month I took part in a sort of writing challenge called "nanowrimo". Basically, one has to write a novel comprising at least 50 thousand words during November. The idea is to have an incentive of sorts of keep writing without dallying too much on excessive editing. Of course the final result is far from perfect but it is always good to have some material to actually work on. I took the opportunity of writing a spinoff of my novel. One of the best things about fiction is being able to manipulate several alternative possibilities.

I started taking Japanese classes this semester. They are great fun although the writing system is pretty complicated. The language itself is fairly easy to learn but adjusting to different alphabets plus idiograms is quite a task.

Again, I'm sorry I missed your message!

take care,


naituramin Jul 17, 2008

Wow, I enjoyed reading your profile, I think im a little smarter now haha. I would love to go to school and study,  I would study art though.  I find it amazing all the work that goes into anime, and I really dont understand the person who can not respect at least the artist who spent so much time on something to make it so beautiful. Anyways I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your profile and I like your avatar.

Nocturnalgloria Jul 15, 2008

Hi there Marc, how interesting that you should play chess. I have always wanted to learn the game myself but for one reason or another I never got to it. No wonder you have Lelouch as your display picture. I am thinking of going to grad school in the States instead of England. Initially I was planning to either try Oxford or Cambridge but after talking to teachers who are familiar with Universities from both sides of the Atlantic I became more interested in the likes of Harvard or Yale. Simply because they allow for a greater intersubjectivity which is something I truly enjoy. I probably read more about philosophy, art and history than I do about literary theory, it is just a matter of trying to cover as many areas of knowledge as possible. Not that I think that the technical aspects of literature are not important but many a time they can be inferred from the text itself.

 If one does not try to be as perfect as possible the out come will never be at all satisfactory. It is always better to try to excel and then continue to perfect one's skills and thus observe evolutions. I completely agree that standing by what one believes is right is crucial, as if experimenting along the way.

 By he way, have you heard about "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" (aka, "when the seagulls cry")? It is a new anime yet to be aired that is more or less connected to "Higurashi". From what I heard it takes place in an island in which a series of murders take place with the same psychological twists as "Higurashi". It might interest you.

take care!


Nocturnalgloria Jul 7, 2008

 Hi there! I can totally understand how leaving one's country can become the only viable option, no matter how much one may love it. I do not plan to live in my own country for much longer because what I hope to do simply cannot be achieved here. It has been a long time since I wrote in Portuguese and I do not think I want to go back to it even though it is my native language and I shall always treasure it- in one way or another. I really love your approach to film making, it is uncoventional in a good way. Anyone can make something "weird" but it is very difficult to find a way of making visible one's inner vision. Even when the idea is crystal clear in one's mind, it is still quite a task transforming it into art. It ends up being more trial and error than anything else. Also, there is a tendency to overthink details to the point that the large picture gets lost along the way.

 But yes, it is most definetly worth it. Besides, creating something worth more than  superficial entertainment can never be easy. While I do not spend perhaps as much time thinking about potential readers and their reactions as most writers, I do try to achieve something that would provide more than one read. After al,l those movies and books that really create an impact are the ones that can be enjoyed time and time again.

take care,


Nocturnalgloria Jul 3, 2008

Hi there Marc! I hope you had fun in your trip, I often find that journeying provides fresh ideas for writing. And while I am not particularly good at it I enjoy taking pictures along the way. I actually got a chance of watching my first Bergman movie because of a cinema cycle organizes by my University's media department. It turned out to be a very rewarding experience.

 I agree with you, ultimately it all comes to down to whether the artist is pleased with what has been accomplished. After all it is impossible to please everyone and no matter how good intentioned some people might be, their ideas are not always all that relevant to what is at stake. I can very well understand how it is to lose a sense of empathy with what is studying, I started out as a Law major and realized that it was not something I could see myself pursuing. In such cases it is better to pursue something different, I think.

 Before I was fortunate enough to find an idea for this novel I was a bit lost at sea as I mostly did poetry and had not written anything half decent for quite a while. So I am just glad to have a project I believe in at the moment even if chances of getting it published are slim to none.

 By the way, I've been wondering about your nationality. I remember you mentioning Germany, are you German by any chance? Sorry if I come across as too nosey,